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morgellons hyperkeratose

Many, but not all, sufferers report that they are prone to excessive dandruff double skin layers (hyperkeratosis),
which detach in places. These are actually typical skin symptoms (hyperplasia), which are also present in the late
syphilis, as well as increased partial hair growth

morgellons schuppenflechte

Dandruff formation on the feet and connective tissue reduction, mostly on hands/genitals/buttocks/back

morgellons hyperkeratose2

Such skin symptoms are very rarely true in sufferers. But some reported
that they sometimes showed similar symptoms from the biofilm that covers the skin.

Increased formation of outer layers of the skin with detachment at the undersides of the foot and side of it.

Increased dandruff formation and eczema-like areas on the face and

morgellons hyperkeratose

also on the neck, chin, temples and eyelids. Especially on the eyelids

strengthens doughy, wrinkled and weak connective areas and growths visible

morgellons hautfäden

Picture above: Long biofilm filament pulled from a wound

morgellons fusswunden

Especially on the undersides of the foot, wounds are created by the biofilm, if you

have foot sweat more bacteria are washed out there by the lymphatic system

morgellons fusswunden2

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