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Introduction: Morgellons Syndrome aka Filamentous Biofilms (Updated 2021)

Preliminary information:

M-R-O explicitly does not support theories about the so-called "Morgellons fibers/filaments" and connections to chemtrails, aliens, nanotechnologies, microchips, Mars spores, or cotton threads! Neither has this disease to do with mites, worms, flies, collembola, beetles or other parasites. Some of these claims are simply unprofessional and reprehensible and usually serve only to mislead and ultimately only lead to absurd conspiracy theories!

It is, of course, open to any skeptic to regard this illness, which is unbelievable to him, out of lack of imagination and knowledge, considering all as pure brainwashing or mass psychosis. No one can be blamed, because all those affected worldwide probably thought the same about it before their illness and now have to fight for medical recognition!


The term "Morgellons", which is also called the "silent or secret American epidemic", and often mistakenly stands only as a synonym for a skin disease, has established itself nolens volens worldwide since 2002. No one likes this mysterious term of Mary Laitao (Morgellons Foundation), as it opens the door to all sorts of speculations and rejections. Especially since the current term Morgellons has probably no direct relation to earlier diseases, as described by Sir Thomas Brown in the 17th century, or as mentioned in the British Medical Journal of 1946.

Source: Morgellons - a letter to a friend

Source: British-Medical-Journal "Myasis", " Fillian" and " the Morgellons"

In the meantime, everything has become a political story, whereby manipulations on Wikipedia and other sites work purposefully to defame and discredit the sick as well as involved researchers and doctors, and certain groups take an enormous amount of time and effort to present everything as a pure delusion (DOP).

Based on my own independent research for many years, many survey results and final conclusions; one should rather see the entire disease symptomatology in the context of a multisystemic disease caused by biofilm bacteria, which per se, is neither a skin disease nor the concept of it, and the resulting skin symptoms are actually only the tip of the iceberg.

Multisystemic disease and biofilm:

According to our latest laboratory tests, this disease is no longer a mystery, but caused by filamentous biofilm bacteria (FBB). whereby, hyaline, black and colorful filaments with infectious biofilm/protoplasm (blebs, round or elongated forms, etc.) can occur. The disease is most likely characterized by different types of bacteria, all of which are found in one biofilm, and the disease can subsequently deteriorate extremely due to various secondary infections.

Most likely, there is a causal link in FBB infection to stress-related pre-existing conditions due to an insufficient, endocrine HPA stress axis. In particular noticeable by an overreactive immune system (stress-induced), whereby an excess of histamine, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, cytokines, or T-cells are detectable. Which in the later course of the disease almost always cause hyperallergic and multi-inflammatory reactions. Often also blood clots, thrombosis, strokes, heart attacks and ultimately cancer.

Biofilm mass with elongations (streamers), which can later
create their own colonies after separation as individual filaments

The mystery of Morgellons has finally been solved!

These biofilm filaments (streamers) - actually biofilm elongations - splits from the main biofilm bulk later and initially spread more strongly in the intestine, blood circulation, lungs, kidneys, heart and lymphatic system, and later also in the eyes, ears, nose, skin pores and finally also directly on the skin. Thus, one can then also explain the phenomenon which is called Morgellons. That in principle is nothing but a bacterial infection, whereby you can finally see these bacterial biofilm filaments on the skin!

Source: Some information and images about biofilm streamers:

Bacterial solutions to multicellularity: a tale of biofilms, filaments and fruiting bodies

Source: Motions caused by Bacillus subtilis macrofibres movement (Mendelson et al., Microbiology)

Biofilm infections result in a completely different picture of the disease than the usual bacterial infections, and such bacteria are not always detectable because of the surrounding biofilm!

Causal triggers of the disease:

Causal triggers for the disease are primarily presumably an existing disease causing stress to the body. Perhaps also a previous bacterial infection (e.g. Lyme, Chlamydiosis), or others life situations causing long-term stress conditions or post-traumatic stress. Thus, changing the body bio-chemistry with elevated stress hormones and hyper-activity of the HPA-stress axis (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal), which later will collapse.

These longer ongoing stress conditions also results in a higher production of nitrogen by various endocrine glands, as well from an increased metabolism and faster degeneration of proteins, related to present inflammations. Nitrogen is the actual carrier-substance for hormones or pheromones.

Furthermore, about 70% are exhaled and actually nitrogen is still present in many other areas of the human body. The higher the nitrogen content in the body, the higher the probability of infestation with these soilborne bacteria, which are not actually considered typical human pathogens and usually remain in the soil. But when such bacteria are taken out of the ground and industrialized by agro-companies, and have been distributed worldwide for almost 40 years, the whole thing has become a kind of worst-case scenario which changes nature and causes still unknown diseases!

Nitrogen is generally a preferred environment for many bacteria, and now also in the human body for some of these proven nitrogen-binding, or nitrifying bacteria. This suggests, as already mentioned above, that there is therefore also a preference for certain individuals (stress-related bio-chemistry), although humans or animals are not preferred host organisms for colonization! Infestation or infection with these biofilm bacteria can be carried out by sweat/skin contact, ingestion or inhalation (aerosol) and also by blood transfusions. In the US, every state is already affected by Morgellons disease, and new infections are on the rise in Europe and Asia.

First Morgellons cases of infection:

Especially in the USA, where the first cases of Morgellons appeared as the first wave from the beginning of 1990 and the second wave in early 2000, many doctors, scientists and patients are still in the dark. On the one hand, because access to more extensive diagnostic procedures is not guaranteed due to constant cuts in the health system, and on the other hand because of indifference, incompetence and a lack of expertise. Also refraining from involving molecular biologists, geneticists or simple microbiologists in diagnostics for unknown diseases.

This is not due in particular to the family doctor, but to the authorities responsible for infectious diseases! The US authorities also deliberately ignored this disease for a long time and kept it silent (about 20 years). Meanwhile, Morgellons has been identified by the US Authorities (CDC) as a new unknown disease (zoonosis?) and is also listed as a rare disease by the NHI (US Health Authority).

Source:  National Health Institute:

Recent reports, the Mayo Clinic and the CDC are now "unofficially" passing on information to U.S. physicians that the disease is real and that patients should be treated without repeatedly swearing at them with delusional conceptions! With the sometimes very serious skin lesions and internal disease symtomatics, one can hardly deny that there is a real disease present. See pictures below!

In 2008, the Obama/Clinton administration offered 300,000 dollars researching this disease, and engaged Kaiser Permanente, a large U.S. hospital chain who were despised by human beings - but found nothing, as no cultures were created, no PCR or other procedures were used!

DEPARTMENTS OF LABOR, HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, AND EDUCATION, AND RELATED AGENCIES APPROPRIATION BILL, 2008. REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS U.S. SENATE. Morgellons Disease: The Committee urges the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study an unexplained skin condition commonly known as Morgellons Disease, which affects over 10,000 individuals with skin lesions, joint pain, and neurological difficulties, among other symptoms. The Committee encourages the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to work as quickly as possible to plan and begin this important research to increase the amount of information available to practitioners and the public.

Kaiser Permanente did not investigate the actual Morgellons disease at that time, but it was also briefly blown over by experts as part of a general study concerning parasitic inquests, and certainly not a proper examination was carried out by experts. The whole story could only be regarded as a farce afterwards and certainly not regarded as a serious scientific investigation, in order to receive 300,000 dollars for it!

It is believed that millions of people around the world are currently infected without knowing it (animals not included). For the reader, this may all be a story from a different dimension, but all of this happens every day in our nature and now in cities around the world. In Europe, too, a quicker rethink should take place, instead of declaring many sufferers as schizophrenic individuals and treating them only with antidepressants (Pure body and human rights violation).

The dignity of man is actually inviolable, but what the doctor does not find, he does not know, even if logic says that he cannot know everything. Doctors are just human beings and you can't blame anyone, but independent investigations should be in the interests of patients.

Discrediting the sufferers:

Unfortunately, there are also enough cases of psychiatrists and other doctors who, without a direct patient assessment, vehemently claim that all these symptoms come only from mental disorders and insane practices of self-mutilation and are thus pure imagination.

Furthermore, by remote diagnosis, they claim that this corresponds to an induced mass delusion among the masses of people affected worldwide and that these and other diseases have been specifically appropriated from the Internet (MEM phenomena) in order to receive more attention due to a severe mental disorder (Muenchhausen syndrome).

At this point it should be noted that pets and babies also suffer from it and thus contradict this theory. Furthermore, it is simply too absurd that masses of those affected worldwide inflict small pimples and pustules on their entire body perhaps with tweezers! These are rather sick thoughts of sick doctors ...

Rather, it seems that certain paid groups are deliberately bringing so many confused theories among the people in order to distract from the actual causes. This is what many people now think, and rather suspect, that our medical system, universities and authorities are already being extensively infiltrated and massively influenced by market-leading pesticide and pharmaceutical companies or their lobby (revolving doors).

You can't believe that some scientists who have already tried to get results through DNA analysis and other methods were too stupid in their work and found nothing. Rather, it seems that most scientists do not want to continue their research in this direction, as many who did have been forced to give up their efforts!

So instead of reacting normally to a new disease, a large number of those involved are threatened by the authorities, or publicly defamed, embarrassed and ridiculed on the Internet (Wikipedia, etc.), and all sorts of registers are really being drawn up to suppress the truth about this new disease for as long as possible.

There are a wide range of interest groups which deliberately omit all the scientific research results in their dump articles that would prove the opposite! The more people write against it, the more the public's opinion is manipulated. Even with the help of Google in order to influence search engine rankings to surpress counterview opinions, like my site too. No one thinks of the sick and their path of suffering!

"It is neither this disease nor the afflicted which are the mystery, but rather the authorities and the extremes to which they go to deny Morgellons exists."

All this effort by certain institutions to discredit this disease by force is almost too suspicious again! However, the CDC eventually took a small counter-attack, as a former employee of that agency (CDC) also fell ill with Morgellons. As already mentioned above, the US Senate had finally made funds available for research and treatment in 2008, but without any definitive results. In principle the examination of this disease is agreed. Very dubious hospital doctors who are in the service of the well-known hospital chain "Kaiser Permanente" are usually military doctors.

Review of the filaments:
The fact is that neither doctors nor most sufferers who come to me and other sites on the basis of their symptoms (black specks or threads on skin, genitals, etc.) know anything about these filaments and very resistant microorganisms. Although some doctors examine the skin and see dark specks (filament bundles), they cannot diagnose a proper disease based on their findings. It is not so easy to recognize tiny microorganisms embedded in biofilm filaments with a bare eye, you know!

However, doctors who used an uplight microscope (min. 50-100 times) could actually see these filament bundles that swelled out of the skin pores and hair shafts. Normally, these filaments grow circularly in bundles in the skin pore until they are squeezed out of the skin pore, as the skin pore sooner or later becomes too small for these constantly growing filament bundles. Or are also washed out by measures (bathing, sauna, etc.) that open the skin pores further.

Some dermatologists have previously performed a skin cleansing for sampling in order to avoid undesirable foreign exposure by clothing flanges, etc., and then applied a capsaicin-based cream to various infested skin areas. After a very short time, more and more black specks appeared on the skin. Sometimes samples were taken directly from the skin pore by skin shading or needle. If you then examine them under the microscope - you can only see red, green, blue, glassy and black filaments, which are also surrounded by slime (biofilm).

Typical Morgellons symptoms:

The most striking main feature of this disease is that tiny black or colorful threads swell everywhere out from the skin pores, corners of the eyes or nostrils and these feel similar to grains of sand on the skin.This can be explained by the fact that the crystallized form of dried biofilm (polysaccharide = sugar building blocks) feels the same as the dried, crystalline form of salt that forms on the skin after a sea bath, if you do not shower the salt water afterwards.

These threads grow more and more in increased stress situations (hormonal sweat) and also at full moon coming literally out of the skin, and it is striking here that these filaments can penetrate the skin again at any time and thus also get back into the body. Probably with the help of skin-dissolving enzymes, which cause these allergic skin reactions. In general, this is proof that it can once again be contagious to the affected parties and their social environment.

Through ignorance, this bacteria type can spread steadily via biofilm filaments, especially where increased public traffic and direct skin contact takes place. Especially, (old people's homes, hospital, doctor's offices) immunocompromised or the stress-stricken where these individuals can be easily infected. Meaning you will find glassy and colorful fibers everywhere and of course also many microorganisms, including colorful fibers in the apartment and also on the skin.

Most threads, etc., however, are derived from clothing abrasion or similar materials. Of course, bacteria and fungi also colonize paper and cotton, which consist of cellulose (polysaccharides) and thus also the clothing of Morgellons sufferers. That is why increased hygiene measures are also appropriate! Furthermore, it should be mentioned here that cotton threads consist of the same polysaccharides as the filaments produced by these bacteria. Most don`t know this fact!

On the one hand as food storage (carbon - sugar), on the other hand for adhering to host organisms. Bacteria are also used by the industry to produce biopaper. Who knows? Nobody, and certainly not normal family doctors! The fact is that there are only a few bacteria that largely meet the criteria of these filamentous biofilms, and these are the bacteria Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus cereus group or plant pathogens like Agrobakterium tumifaciens, which is now called Rhizobium radiobacter or depending on the application of the industry same bacteria have different names. This bacteria is also called Agrobacterium rhizogenes, or Agrobacterium radiobacter and Agrobacterium vitis.

Agrobacterium tumifaciens is the first bacterium ever, and E. coli, that has been genetically manipulated to perform different tasks or being an antagonist to fight Agrobacteria with other Agrobacteria K84 or K1024, depending on which gene sequences have been inserted into the plasmids! If the first genetically manipulated organism can harm other living beings, what about all the other organisms that followed? That is the real reason why the big biotech companies are doing everything they can do to cover up this scandal by every means. A human life for these corporations counts for nothing at all!

Final non-findings of Prof. Wymore, Oklahoma University:

These colorful fibers/filaments have been studied much earlier by Oklahoma University (Prof. Randy Wymore) and forwarded to the forensic FBI laboratory in Tulsa. However, it only turned out that some of these threads also had plastic-like properties and were of unknown origin, since they were not available in their database. (See the bottom video film towards the end) Unfortunately, the focus has always been on the filaments rather than on the content of them.


The fact is that even such colorful threads with embedded pathogens are used by the pesticide industry, and this deters many scientists; as many universities are sponsored by large corporations. For normal laboratories, e.g. colorful or black pH-, and UV-sensitive carrier polymers for bioinsecticides are certainly still unknown, since one cannot know all newly produced materials, gene products and patents.

Embedded insecticides in colorful polyacrylic polymers (plastic)

You only search for and find what you know or what is recorded in the PCR database - so the usual PCR standard methods for analysis can be negative, because the pathogens are embedded initially in polyacrylic, PHA, or PVC polymers. Thus, the actual content of such carrier polymers was never further investigated or at least no fluorescence test on polysaccharides was carried out, since polysaccharides and cellulose are a major component of biofilms, fungal cell walls and also bacteria.

Borrelia bacteria as a cause of the disease:

Of course, there were also U.S. explanations from Dr. Stricker and M. Middleveen 
about this disease, which was to be associated with an unknown Borrelia species (spirochaete bacteria). See below link to this latest peer-reviewed Morgellons study, which found no real relation to Lyme disease based on laboratory results, and also could not properly explain all aspects of this disease with alleged filamentous keratin formation of the skin (hair) as present in the hairy claw disease in cattle.

In other words, overproduction of glassy keratin filaments (hair), which are apparently caused as a side effect by the subcutaneous action of spirochaetes and other bacteria like
H. pylori in the epithelial cells and glandular tissue. M. Middelveen used the "hairy claw disease" in cattle as an explanation for the presence of filaments. See links below:


Source: Hairy claw disease in cattles

Sure, I initially also believed that Borrelia could be a cause of disease. But the more you research yourself, the less agreement there was. Unfortunately, I trusted such alleged researchers and eventually found that they had no idea, but only had theories, and had never spent money on research to really find the actual cause of the disease. Nevertheless, I have long turned a good face into a bad game, because in this way at least the sufferers were helped by medication.

In addition, alleged keratin threads have never been detected by infrared microscopy, gas-chromatographs, etc., or by other laboratory-technical possibilities! It is also a fact that approximately 80-90% of sufferers have not been shown to have clear Lyme disease by antibody tests, etc. While at least some non-specific bands (41) with bacterial antigens could be displayed, this is not meaningful for a clear Lyme disease diagnosis!

This could also indicate cross-reactions with other bacteria that present similar proteins in their cell structure as antigens. Furthermore, even different bacterial strains can cause very similar disease symptoms, such as Chlamydia pneumonae etc., or more often viruses (EBV). So why should such colorful filaments suddenly occur in Lyme disease? Suspicions that such filaments are caused by persistent, i.e. long-lasting Lyme disease, are also more likely to be questioned, since there are no registered precedence cases in Lyme disease or syphilis sufferers.

Also, not in patients who have been suffering from chronic Lyme disease for a long time! The simplest explanation for the biofilm filaments is that many bacteria, such as E. coli and even Streptococcus viridans and many others, can develop into filamentous forms under certain external stress factors. Or per se can produce cellulose filaments for attachment to the host organism, such as Agrobacterium radiobacter (old. Agrobacterium tumefaciens).


All this has absolutely nothing to do with keratin filaments, which are supposed to grow out of the skin regarding this disease. Other facts that do not fit these people are deliberately ignored. Such as for instance that the filaments can move through bacterial contractions and there are colorful filaments and so much more. Since this does not fit into the concept of these windy researchers, it is simply ignored! The ability of such bacterial filaments to move through biofilm contractions, etc., is nothing special. Here is a scientific video link. This link and documentation have been deleted from this university and can only be reached via There is no question as to why it was deleted!

Motions caused by Bacillus subtilis macrofibres result in new forms of movement of the multicellular structures (Mendelson et al., Microbiology)

Due to a lack of proper research, such unsustainable theories can lead to misdiagnosis, especially since keratin filaments cannot move alone or always occur in all rainbow colours, at the same time have no hair roots at all, and certainly cannot cause such serious skin lesions. These are probably more likely to be caused by proteolytic enzymes (keratinase, protease, liptase), which can cause such allergic skin reactions and are involved in bacteria, fungi, protists or insect bites to act on the host skin.

The allergic skin reactions or symptoms are similar in all. In particular, it should be mentioned that some of these colorful filaments usually occur in bundles or spherical forms (cocci) and are partly comparable with emerging fruiting bodies from typical hyphae accumulations (synemata), which are of bacteria, protozoa and fungi such as e.g. Coccidioides immitis and microsporidies are known, or of typical molds (cygomycetes) such as Aspergillus niger or Aspergillus versicolor (colorful colors).

Yes indeed, the hyphae of Aspergillus niger (usually black) can also be green or have completely different colors, depending on food sources and environmental parameters or industrial use.



morgellons filament ball

Black, spherical Morgellons biofilm accumulation taken from skin pores - similarity to a fungus ball?

Science quote: "A fungus ball is a collection of intertwined hyphae, usually from aspergillus, held together by mucus, fibrin and dedritus. "


Certainly there are similarities to multicellular organisms, i.e. fungi, since these bacterial filaments in the skin pores also grow into filament balls, that irritated me at first, but after many laboratory tests other multicellular organisms emerged, namely bacteria that live in biofilms!

Because in addition to bacteria, mold variants such as thread fungi (e.g. Metarhizum anisopliae) are used by the pesticide industry as organic insecticides and sprayed vigorously worldwide; one can never know what is going on in a biofilm and can cause multi-infections by different species.

Spirochaete as the only cause of Morgellons?

Of course, in addition to thread fungi, there are also thread bacteria, or call them filamentous bacteria, and already mentioned filamentous spirochaetes, which are known to some scientists, but unfortunately not all. In addition, it is often very difficult a taxation of filamentous microorganisms, as one cannot always isolate a DNA from the filaments/hyphae! There is evidence of filamentous spirochaetes, as in this scientific article, which states: "Many spirochaetes under inhibitory changes in oxygen or sulfide concentration fail to form cross walls and elongate into unrecognizable filaments."


The inference would now be that Morgellons might be a filamentous form of spirochaete, and these filaments grow out of typical blebs, spherical forms or L-forms (protoplasm/biofilm). This was also considered by me, but all assumptions failed because of the colorful filaments, which do not occur in spirochaetes, moreover, not even a single spirochaete or H. pylori has been detected in any worldwide samples send to me, and on top, spirochaetes cannot synthesize melanin to produce colored or black filaments!

Pathological consequences of biofilms:

The effects of bacterial infections are pretty much known - but what about infections that originate from organisms that can produce threads or fibrils in the host body? Diseases such as Alzheimer's, thrombosis, etc., can happen, even destroying connective tissue, cartilage, collagen, tendons, etc., and after prolonged infestation or non-treatment, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, arthritis, meningo/encephalitis, fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases, multi-inflammatory diseases, lupus, Alzheimer's and MS symptoms can also become noticeable.

Brain damage and schizophrenic behaviour and nerve damage can also result, and a stroke and heart attack can occur at any time. It would be really fatal if one were to label such sensations only as "DOP" simply because one does not know or want to know any scientific articles and facts about them. Nowadays, no one wants to read more than four lines and that is the real problem of our time, that we are being filled with too much information!

Many of those affected confirm the statement with their "status quo": "What AIDS has not achieved is now completed by this terrible disease".

Many statements also confirm that this disease is subjectively much worse than cancer or AIDS, and even there, life is still more liveable. All these people and also many animals are reportedly suffering from an induced mass delusion! This is just crap!

Based on my own surveys and research in recent years, around 200,000 people or more worldwide are currently affected by this disease and there is still a steady increase (unaccounted numbers for animals). Anyone who suffers from long-term stress could be affected in the future. The transmission takes place via biofilm filaments, sweat and direct skin contact, or contaminated objects!

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