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M-R-O is a German-American, non-profit organization that was founded to help people giving them more information about this
new progressive disease complex, as well as independent research into the causes of this illness. According to our latest laboratory results, there is a correlation to various filamentous biofilm bacteria (FBB) and subsequently also promoting various secondary infections.

Most likely, there is a causal relationship in FBB infection to stress-related pre-existing conditions due to an insufficient, endocrine HPA stress axis. In particular noticeable by an overreactive immune system (stress-induced), whereby an excess of histamine, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, cytokines, or T-cells are detectable. Which, in the later course of the disease almost always cause hyperallergic and multi-inflammatory reactions. Often also blood clots, thrombosis, heart attacks and ultimately cancer.

To my person:

I actually started from information technology, where I last worked as a system analyst. When I was infected with Morgellons just by skin contact in 2005 after a "one-night stand" (safer sex without kissing), I was at first perplexed, as apparently body contact is enough to get sick with it. At the same time, it is also alarming that because of this disease also colorful threads seem to grow out of the skin.

If I had been told something like this in the past, I probably wouldn't have believed it and would react as skeptically and bafflingly as some uninvolved readers I can understand this attitude and I have no objection to criticism but only if it is constructive, instead of stupid insinuations about the sufferers, and certainly I am not talking about mentally ill people, as animals and young children are also affected. In principle, I and the other affected people stand with our backs to the wall.

Since the Internet is used by the polluters to discredit us. First, there's a hoax that this disease is just a fantasy, and so it goes viral, and everyone writes the same crap without thinking for a second whether this could be a real new disease. Especially investigative journalists who do not investigate anything themselves, but only copy from their predecessor and follow fake news like brainless Lemmings!

The fact is that there are bacteria that produce biofilms as self-protection, including filamentous ones. They are also used and distributed by biotech companies for all kinds of applications in agriculture. Per se, these are supposedly not human pathogens, but can, according to their statements, become dangerous for immunocompromised people and animals under certain circumstances.

According to my own and rather contrary findings, this does not affect just immunocompromised but especially stressed individuals, who often also suffered from pre-existing conditions such as cancer, metabolic diseases, Lyme disease, post-traumatic stress syndrome, etc. Many individuals (animals, insects, humans) can serve as carriers for these contagious biofilm filaments, but do not have to suffer from them immediately.

The distribution of these microorganisms, mostly genetically modified, began about 40 years ago and since then these bacteria, which are quite environmentally resistant, have spread uncontrollably and passed on their properties to other bacteria inside the biofilm via DNA transfer (plasmids).

The super-bugs par excellence, as these bacteria now represent a new dimension of disease that can now be regarded as a global pandemic for 20 years. Thus, over the years, the number of sufferers who were repeatedly ignored by medicine increased, as such filamentous biofilm bacteria cannot usually be detected by a family doctor and laboratory. In the meantime, some of these bacteria are also increasingly detected as hospital germs.

Biofilms are produced by various bacteria, which can also produce filamentous biofilms (3-D) from polysaccharids, so-called "streamers", under certain stress conditions (lack of nitrogen). Polysaccharides are simply "sugar building blocks" that are similar to cellulose, paper, or cotton, and therefore almost indistinguishable. Since one does not know such properties of bacteria, neither a doctor nor the patient can hope to find a definitive explanation of the disease.

Some microbiologists know them well, but do not want to be involved. After my own research and contacts with many people worldwide, as well as with Dr. Drottar, who herself had suffered from Lyme disease and Morgellons for many years, I decided to set up my own research or support group with her in order to publish more knowledge about this disease and to help those affected worldwide with more information and helpful measures without financial interests.

In the meantime, there are already many websites that are associated with the term Morgellons. Most of them are just conspiracy and sales sites. Or certain interest groups manipulate the facts to specifically discredit the entire story on Wikipedia. It is not surprising that many uninvolved people react to this disease in a sceptical and incredulous manner. In particular, the term "Morgellons", written by Mary Laitao, casts many doubts. I would rather call this disease an infection with "FBB" (filamentous biofilm bacteria).

You first have to look deeper into the matter in order to be able to make an objective assessment - everything else is just a superficial skepticism due to ignorance! However, all the information on this website is true and is not an invention! Otherwise, all the scientists, laboratories and doctors who have also seen and examined these filaments
would logically have to be mentally ill.

Unfortunately, many who have not been able to find out what kind of disease they actually have, have committed suicide, and many who have suffered from the disease for a long time have finally given up and ended their lives after years of struggle, or died in the final stages of a very aggressive cancer, as they never, ever got any real help.

This disease is a horrible disease, with which one becomes more and more isolated, and often loses everything they had before. Health, money, work, family, partners, friends, credibility, social acceptance, and often also the mind, because nobody wants to believe you!

In this hopeless situation, I wanted to use this website with information to give the seeking people help, courage, hope and direction again. Because of my own illness and experience, I can understand compassionately the tragedy and unspeakable suffering that every sufferer is going through.

But all these expectations of me now are a very heavy burden, which weigh heavily on my shoulders and even worsened my own illness situation the more I became involved in the suffering of other afflicted. I hope that I can finish this work soon and that medicine will finally take over this task, in accordance with the oath they have allegedly sworn!

Marc Neumann

P.S. All truth goes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed or distorted. Then it is fiercely fought,
and last but not least, it is taken for granted as self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (philosopher, 1788-1860)

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