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Regarding myself, I was formerly an electronics and IT specialist, and
 now I am in my fifties and on disability after my life changed in 2005. I became infected after an one-night-stand with, what is known as "Morgellons".
So I know very well that this new disease is highly contagious, even by skin to skin contact
(had safer sex + no kissing)

Anyway, after 6 months of the unbelievable horror and pain, real, and emotional, and usual ignorance of doctors and their incorrect medications, I decided to start my own investigations about this disease. At the time, there was not much information available about this new kind of disease caused from colored fibers. Only a few articles on the Internet described an epidemic situation in Texas, Florida and California.

Also, the Morgellons foundation from Mary Laitao was documenting for the first time in 2002/2003 about an unknown "fiber" infection in relation to Lyme disease and some possible fungus. They deserve credit, but after many years of focusing only on fibers, without new information or treatment options, no help was given to me or the other sufferers who were waiting for a cure and more help and information.

Therefore, I started this site in the spring of 2006, with a bit more information about this disease. Also, to give "Morgellons" afflicted, more hope and support to handle this horrible condition. Before I did get antibiotics etc. to fight this condition, I went through a very hard time like all sufferers, with no relief from bites, open lesions, chlamydia pneu. and chronic fatigue, and everything associated with this disease. 

The loneliness and isolation associated with this ailment is unbearable. I spent months of long days and nights of microscopic research, and investigation in different areas. I experimented with many substances and did a lot of work on my German and English websites. I contacted WHO, the CDC, local authorities, doctors, professors, parasitologists and universities.

Not much help was forthcoming. They only come forward when the work is done, to get credit and accept money for it. Anyway, after my appearance on the Morgellons scene, I realized that the thousands of sufferers that visited my website, had hope again, and new directions. I have had many credits, as well as many critics since then.

My website explains how the infestation is spread via the fibers in nature and among humans and animals. I described, as well, for the first time, the infection process and the location of the fibers and biofilm on the skin and hairs, in the lymph system, the blood, the GI tract, and how to reduce the infestation with meticulous hygiene and internal and external medication.

If one of these 3 steps is missing, no progress toward healing can take place. I also presented information for protecting a good immune system, the effects of hormonal influences, and the need for a higher vitamin, protein and mineral intake. It took an enormous effort for me to continue the years of constant work involved, and to provide emotional support for "Morgellons" victims. I had many episodes of burn-out.

Although I am feeling physically better now, the suffering that goes along with this disease continues for me daily, from dawn to dusk. Also because the supporting of the other worldwide sufferers has attributed to more mental depression, due to the daily misery that others go through and report to me.

Left alone and ignored by society, and neglected by the the medical community with this disease, many sufferers have already committed suicide. This despicable, painful, disgusting, humiliating condition, is against the dignity of man. 

What is the medical comunity actually doing to help us? Physicians should begin, now, to provide medical care for the sufferers, like they promised when they took the Hippocratic Oath. Otherwise, their disregard of the medical needs of the "Morgellons" sufferers is due to ignorance, money, or avoiding the inadequate rules and regulations of the medical insurance companies. Their attitude is just inhuman and not in consensus with ethical aspects.

Anyway, I want to say thanks at this point to all worldwide members of my organization who helped me in supporting my work. My documentary site should not be considered just as the "Rocky Horror Picture Show", but today and for many years, this disease is the naked reality in the USA and in many other countries. I just tried to show to the world - the enormous suffering of each "Morgellons" afflicted person, which is incomparable to any other disease, including every bad life circumstances which comes along with having this disease.

Right now I do not have any Morgellons symptoms, but I still have lung problems with cough, COPD and emphysemas, but gladly I do not have any malignant cancer right now!! I do not know how long I am going  to be clear, re-infection from the environment can happen almost daily but right now I am quite fine, otherwise I could not do all this daily work over years now!

Stay tuned...

Sincerly Marc Neumann


"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ignored and ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident." 

- Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher -

Author M-R-O - Morgellons Research - Marc Neumann