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Infection Statistics Survey Results Survey Comments

Survey Results


There were currently 23967 people worldwide involved in this survey.

61% were from USA
19% were from CANADA
9% were from AUSTRALIA
7.5% were from EUROPE
2% were from SOUTHAFRICA
1% were from ASIA/EURASIA
0.5% were from LATINAMERICA

This survey with extensive questions was initiated in order to obtain as much information as possible about possible pre-existing conditions, etc., in order to see potential causes that led to this disease. The results are without guarantee and do not show the current status of those infected worldwide, but only the number of participants in this survey, done also by e-mail.

Gender distribution of affected persons?
58% Female   42% Male
Youngest and oldest affected? Youngest was 1 month, oldest 94 years old
How long have you been suffering from this infection? Longest for about 35 years (1986)
Where could you have contracted it?

Ground, foliage, grass, cotton pads, new t-shirt made in Asia, sewage treatment plant/sludge, birds, insect bites, fire ants, bird mites, dogs, cats, horses, cattle, chickens, goats, wild hares, new couch, cotton, one-night stand, public phone, Asia trip, hotel room, hospital, beach sand, hay field, fields, fruit growing, wine growing, hiking, partners, family members/relatives, Florida trip, California, Texastrip, motel bed, outdoor festival, shelter, forest/meadows, food, gardening, camping, moldy apartment, shaking hands, house flood

Are you still working? 
42% voted YES

Do you spend a lot of time in the garden (gardening) and in nature?
68% voted YES
Did you have direct contact with soil or plants (without gloves)?
69% voted YES
Do you have a partner at the moment?
34% voted YES
Is your partner also ill?
38% voted YES
Are you still sexually active with your partner?
47% voted YES
Do you have children?
63% voted YES
Are your children also infected?
41% voted YES
If so, all children?
28% voted YES
If not, only one child or a few?
61% voted YES
Are your pets also infected, if any?
82% voted YES
Did doctors believe that you are suffering from a new form of bacterial infection (biofilms)?
99% voted NO

Have you been rather be treated with psychopharmaceuticals due to the misdiagnosis of DOP?
78% voted YES
Do you think doctors took enough time to diagnose your illness?
96% voted NO
Could you get any medical treatment (e.g. antibiotics) at all? 
21% voted YES
Was this medical treatment definitely successful?
94% voted NO

Could prescribed antibiotics temporarily improve disease symptoms?
87% voted YES
Does your health insurance still cover the cost of treatments?
31% voted YES
Did you have enough money to treat yourself?
voted NO
Did any kind of treatment help you?
14% voted YES
If so, what treatments?
Anti-histamine, stress-reducing agents, natural cures, hormone treatments, antiseptics, disinfectant sprays, antibacterial creams
Have you a diagnosed metabolic disease (diabetes, pituitary glands/adrenal insufficiency, etc.) ?
59% voted YES
Did you end up with a hormone test (sex hormones, histamine, CRH, ACTH, DHEA, cortisol, genetic tests)?
79% voted NO
Were the hormone levels in a normal range?
93% voted NO
Do you suffer from thyroid, over-functioning, under-functioning?
46% voted YES

Do you suffer from autoimmune diseases of the thyroid gland, e.g. Hashimoto?
21% voted YES

Did the autoimmune diseases Hashimoto develop after the biofilm infection?
17% voted YES
Did you have a traumatic childhood or were you suffering from burn-out/long-term stress?
79% voted YES
Have you often had often gastrointestinal problems (ulcus, gastritis, reflux, Chron's disease, etc.)?
83% voted YES

Do you suffer from histamine intolerance, histaminosis, mast cell hyperactivity syndrome, etc.?
58% voted YES

Have you had after this infection blood clots or thrombosis in addition to swollen legs/feet?
32% voted YES
Have you had your illness after a stressful or dramatic experience (trauma)?
63% voted YES
Do you suffer from diabetes mellitus (I or II)?
27% voted YES
Do you sweat under stress more than usual?
86% voted YES
Do you suffer from ADHD (attention deficit + hyperactivity syndrome)?
23% voted YES
Did you suffer before being infected from an auto-immune disease (Sjogrens, Lupus, Renauld)?
19% voted YES

Do you suffer now after the infection from an auto-immune disease (Sjogrens, Lupus, Renauld)?
39% voted YES
Did you suffer from stress-related skin diseases already before contracting this infection?
39% voted YES
Have you had before this infection already the diagnosis of cancer or sarcoidosis, etc.?

with breast cancer (women)

37% with prostate cancer (men)

33% with cervical cancer (women)

26% with lung cancer (both)

29% pancreatic cancer (both)

12% with white skin cancer (both)

14%  mit Sarkoidosis (both)

Have you been in direct contact with pesticides in nature or at home? (Lindan, Perimethrin, Roundup)?
23% voted YES
Have you noticed to attract more insects now than usual ?
61% voted YES
Which insects or insect-like forms/species, or do they think you are infested with? 

Fruit flies, mites, moths, thrips, hookworms, bird mites, beetle-like forms, fleas, springtails, tiny beetles, small flies, fly-mads, filaria, foride flies, worm-like forms
Do you rather drink more wine or beer? (e.g. histamine intolerance can cause headache or migraine) 

72% were more likely to drink wine and 28% beer
drank no alcohol
Are you more likely to be an anxious/discouraged person?
39% voted YES
Do you have eye flickers now and see light-flashes in your eyes?
72% voted YES
Do you suffer from tinnitus now or do you hear higher frequencies?
69% voted YES
Are you generally more angry now?
73% voted YES
Are you now overweight and have you gained weight extremely quickly after the disease (stress-related)?
67% voted YES
Are you very intuitive/sensitive now?
75% voted YES
Have you noticed that you have now become more introverted after the disease?
64% voted YES
Do you still have a social environment/contacts?
87% voted NO
Have you developed an autistic behavior (introverted)?
33% voted YES
Have you developed a psychotic behavior? 
37% voted YES
Do you have skin sensation now when using a computer/phone?
91% voted YES
Have you had the usual standard vaccination carried out?
76% voted YES
What blood group do you have? 

All blood groups were present.
Almost equal ratio Rhesus factor

49% O, 23% A, 21% B, 7% A-B
Do you have a healthy diet?
68% voted YES
Do you suffer mainly from these symptoms below?
87% voted YES

swollen hands/feet/legs, joint pain, back pain, hot knee, loss of gums, dental problems, neurological discomfort, convulsions on hands and feet, intestinal discomfort, frequent headaches, increased dandruff/dry skin areas, increased sweating, hair loss, endocrine disorders, numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome, heart piercing, white or dark skin spots, small or bigger bruises, heart stings, tinnitus, fatigue syndrome, fatigue syndrome, panic attacks, depression, chronic cough, COPD, emphysema, blood clots, thrombosis, ditches - grooves in fingernails, poorer/blurred vision/stereo vision, flashes of light, pustules, skin strokes, blisters, skin nodules, open wounds, skin tingling, dermatitis, cellulitis, thinner skin areas, increased gray hair, faster hair growth beard/lobes, collagen/tissue loss, hanging skin

Have you ever done a Lyme disease test?
46% voted YES
Was your Borrelia test positive?
12% voted YES
Which Lyme disease test was performed, possibly which Borrelia variant was found?
Western Blot, IgG/IgM, CD-57, EL
ISA, LTT-MELISA, T-Cell spot (Elispot), PCR.
B. burgdorferi sensu stricto, B. afzelii, B. garinii, B. valaisiana
Have you been diagnosed  with an iron deficiency?
67% voted YES
Have you been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency? 
59% voted YES
Have you also been tested for other pathogens (bacteria, protozoa, etc.)?
34% voted YES

If yes, what pathogens were found?

Agrobacterium group, Rhizobium radiobacter, B. megaterium, Bazillus cereus group, B. subtilis, B. pumilus,
B. israelis, Chlamydia pneu., Bartonella, Babesia, MRSA, Mycoplasma, Staph-Aureus, Streptococcus, Eikenella corrodens, Endolimax nana, Borrelia, Listeria, E. coli, Klebsiella Oxytoca, Giardia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Toxoplasma gondii, Actinomycetes israelis, Blastocystis hominis, Entamoeba
Have you been tested also for viruses?
23% voted YES
If yes, which viruses were positive? 
EBV, CMV, Herpes simplex, Coxackie, Papilloma, Simian, HIV, Hepatitis A, B, B, C

Is your home contaminated with molds?
21% voted YES
Have you been tested for mold infections?
32% voted YES
Which fungal infections have been detected?
Aspergillus species, general moulds, Stachybotrys Chartum, Chrysosporium, Candida, general yeast fungi, dermatophytes, etc.
Have you always been more melancholic/stressed/depressed than others?
41% voted YES
Do you think about suicide more recently?
61% voted YES
Do you think that you can ever be cured?

56% voted YES after 5 Years of illness
11% voted YES after 10 Years of illness

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