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18,498 worldwide Morgellons afflicted replied to this M-R-O survey (Updated: April 2013)

14% more Morgellons afflicted (more men + younger people) since last year same time


were from USA

16%   were from CANADA
15%   were from AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA
6%   were from EUROPE
1%   were from LATIN-AMERICA
1%   were from ASIA
1%   were from SOUTHAFRICA

The results above do not show the true nature or number of all worldwide concerned.
This is only a compilation of all participants in this latest M-R-O questionaire and
it may change and updated as we gather more information.


Ratio of gender

59%  female    41%  male

Youngest - oldest afflicted

Age: youngest 1 month, oldest 94 years

How long had you have Morgellons?

Longest approx. 35 years (since 1986)

Where do you have possibly contracted Morgellons?

From soil, moldy home, plant leaves, grass, new t-shirt, birds, insect bites, bird-mites, fire ants, bed bugs, chiggers, dogs, cats, horses, cattle, poultry, coats, wild rabbits, new couch, cotton, one-night stand, public telephone, beach sand, hay fields, hiking, far east, south-east asia, partner/family/relatives, trip to Florida, California, Texas, NY, from hotelroom, motel bed sheets, hospital, camping, swampy woods, outdoor festival, gardening, african snail, animal worker, backyard dirt, shaking hands, hugging, food, one-night-stand, flooded home, from nurses, physicians, physiotherapist, hairdresser, massager

Are you still working?

41%  answered YES

Did you spend many hours in nature or working in your garden? 69%  answered YES

Have you had direct contact with soil (no gloves) ?

73%  answered YES

Dou you have a partner?

38%  answered YES

Does your partner have Morgellons too?

44%  answered YES

Are you still active sexually with your partner?

32%  answered YES

Do you have children?

61%  answered  YES

Are they infected too?

57%  answered YES


38%  answered YES


62%  answered YES

If you have pets are they infected too?

91%  answered YES

Do you have a medical support (Lyme, Morgellons)?

41%  answered YES

Was the medical care you acquired helpful?

73%  answered NO

Do you have a medical insurance?

57%  answered YES
Could you afford your own medication? 81%  answered NO

Has any medication/treatment giving you relieve?

71%  answered YES

Could you get any improvement from antibiotics?

69%  answered YES

If yes, what kind of antibiotics or medications helped you the most? Note: You may need specific antibiotic up to your infection. Drugs which might help others, may not help you at all!!

Check results on my treatment page

Do you have thyroid dysfunction?

59%  answered YES

Have you had recently hormone tests (HTP-stress-axis, growth hormone DHEA, cortisol, sexual hormones, etc.)?

72%  answered NO

Were your hormone level in a normal range?

78%  answered NO

Was your life/childhood extremely traumatic, stressful or abusive?

75%  answered YES

Have you had gastrointestinal problems (ulcus, gastritis, GERD etc.)?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

73%  answered YES

Was your first disease outbreak after a dramatic life situation/experience, surgery, illness?

87%  answered YES

Do you have diabetes (I or II)? (caused also from bacterial infection)

43%  answered YES

Do you perspire usually more or more under stress conditions?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

71%  answered YES

Do you have ADHD (Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder)?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

42%  answered YES

Do you have an auto-immune disease (Sjogrens, Lupus, Renauld etc.)? (caused also by bacterial infection)

39%  answered YES

Do you have or had the restless leg syndrome?

28%  answered YES

Do you have a diagnosted cancer or sarcoidosis?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

42%  breast cancer (women)

29%  prostata cancer (men)

38%  cervical cancer (women)

32% lung cancer (men+women)

19%  pancreatic cancer (men+women)

  9%  white skin cancer (men+women)

27%  sarcoidosis (men+women)

Have you had direct contact with pesticides in nature, perhaps for private use at your home (perimethrin, lindan, roundup, etc.)?

(perhaps surpressing your immune system)

38%  answered YES

Do you notice that you now attract more insects or arthropods?

(Morgellons attracts insects too)

67%  answered YES

What kind of bugs, insect-mite-beetle-worm-like creatures have you found on you beside Morgellons fibers?

Phoride Flies, Moths, Knats, Fruit flies, Bug-like, Mites, Bird mites, Fleas, Lice, Mosquitos, Bed bugs, Springtails (Collembola), Thrips, Spiders, Small Beetles, Small Flies, Fly-Maggots, Ant-like, Worms, Filaria, Centi/Millipedes-like, Worm-like

If you consume alcohol, do you prefer rather wine than beer?

(most Lyme afflicted have an alcohol intolerance)

70% wine - 30% beer
79% don`t drink at all

Are you now rather a fearful and discouraged person?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

39%  answered YES

Have you seen or had unusual experience with lights (eyes)?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

69%  answered YES

Are you having a tinnitus or hearing high frequency noises?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

68%  answered YES

Are you quick to anger now?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

78%  answered YES

Are you overweight now?

(caused also by bacterial infection and HPA-Stress-Axis)

67%  answered YES

Are you extremely intuitive/sensitive now?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

82%  answered YES

Do you notice that you are now more introverted?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

77%  answered YES

Do you still have any social life?

78%  answered NO

Do you notice that you have now more an autistic behavior?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

39%  answered YES

Do you notice that you have now a more psychotic behavior?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

46%  answered YES

Do you have difficulty wearing watches or using computers/telephones?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

90%  answered YES

Have you had any vaccination in your lifetime?

78%  answered YES

Which vaccinations?

Standard vaccinations

What is your blood type?

All kinds were present with balanced

negative/positive rhesus-factor

51% O    22% A    19%   8% A-B

Is your nutrition healthy?

51%  answered YES

Do you remember any tick bite during your life time (how long ago)?

59%  answered YES

Do you suffer from typical Lyme disease symptoms, such as swollen feet, joint and back pain, hot knees, gum detoriation tooth decay, neurological issues, MS, anemia, often headache, dry skin areas, dandruff, sweating, hairloss, gastrointestinal issues, endocrinal disfunctions, tumbness, pustules, pimples, blisters, nodules, open sores, crawling sensations, white spots, small hematomas, heart stinging, tinnitus, fatigue syndrome, shortness of breath, blur vision, fibromyalgia, heavy cough, dermatitis, cellulitis, reduction of collagen-connective tissue, thinner skin areas, graying of hair, rapid hair growth, depressions, mood swings?

77%  answered YES

Have you been tested for Lyme disease?

41%  answered YES

Was your Lyme test positive? (most tests are initially negative!)

54%  answered YES

Which Lyme test was performed and which Borrelia type was found?

Western Blot IgG/IgM, CD-57, ELISA, LTT-MELISA, T-Cell spot (Elispot), PCR

B. burgdorferi sensu stricto, B. afzelii,  B. garinii, B. valaisiana

Do you have a low iron level?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

69%  answered YES
Have you noticed a skin atrophy (reduction of tissue) also on the vagina or penis?
(caused also by bacterial infection)
62%  answered YES

 Have you been tested for other bacterial pathogens?

35%  answered YES

If yes, what kind of other pathogens were mostly positive?

Chlamydia pneu., Bartonella, Babesia, Anaplasma, H. pylori, Mycoplasma, Giardia,  Ehrlichia, Endolimax nana, Toxoplasma gondii, Pseudomonas aruginosa, Streptococcus, Agrobacterium tumefaciens + Thuringensis, Staph-Aureus, MRSA, Klebsiella Oxytoca, Listeria, E. coli, Actinomycetes israelis, Eikenella corrodens,  Blastocystis hominis, Entamoeba histolytica

Have you been tested for viruses?

22%  answered YES

If yes, what kind of virus were positive?

EBV, CMV, Herpes simplex, Coxackie, Papilloma, Simian, HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C

If yes, what kind of anti-viral medication could help you more?

Valtrex, Aciclovir, Interferon alfa-2b, Ganciclovir, natural herbs, citric fruits

Do you have a fungal infection or have you molds in your home?

69%  answered YES

Have you ever been tested for mold/fungal infection?

(perhaps due to a reduced immune system caused from bacteria)

38%  answered YES

If yes, what kind of fungus/mold were positive?

Common molds, Aspergillus kinds, Chrysosporium, Stachybotrys Chartum, Coccidioides immitis, Dermatophytes, Ring worm, Alternaria tenuis, yeasts, Candida,

If yes, what kind of anti-fungal could help you more?

Fluconazole/Diflucan, Voriconazole, Lamisil, Itraconazole, Candex + Blockbuster enzymes, Carnivora, Black Walnut extract

Do you consider yourself more melancholy/depressed than others?

(caused also by bacterial infection)

69%  answered YES

Do you often contemplate suicide now?

49%  answered YES

Do you think you will be healed some day?

47%  answered YES

Comment: Most U.S. afflicted were from southern US such as California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, followed from NY, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, Arizona, Arkansas, and some other states. In all Europe more cases are rising. Less cases were noted from France, Spain, Portugal, Island, Estonia, Serbia and other European countries, perhaps, not participating at this survey.

Some additional comments from participants (their spelling errors included)

Crawly itch all over specks, fibres, white sesame seed things, white specks, red blue fibres, exhausted, bone pain legs, burning sensation feet, numb hands, bite marks, puncture wounds, uttetly despairing, isolated frightened but fighting. Swarmed at by tiny dark insects in infested flat 20 months ago, after 7 months, left my home, threw everything out, moved, still infested feet,a year later 2 months ago,tried on trousers my friend gave me, and got full blown infestation, bbites all over legs, then rest body, then specks, fibres out of craely skin, shopasdistants scratch head near me,same as when in other house now.

specks everywhere, im crawling, dog infected, i feel like im in hell again, can`t believe it for the second time elissa was negative, doctor, dermatology, infectious disease bastards all dismiss me. however my friend who gave me infested trousers and who originaly helped me when i was in infested first house tested positive for lyme elisa i think she has mites or morgellons in her house and when around her i got black specks on my head before re infestation, we cant meet again

My arms were covered w/ horrid sores, most are now healed but still have white patches, hair badly infested and falling out, low energy, poor concentration, & cyclic pain/stiff joints. HMO (kaiser) no help, faulty sub-std. diagnostics, test values, and exam procedures, given steriods and tape to put on sores. Getting better but it's been a long haul. Got medicine myself and would have been lost or dead w/o your website. I did this survey a couple of yrs ago, but thought an update was appropriate because of new insight and information.

My main complaint is the scarring on my face b-cuz i had nice skin. friends said my skin was like porcelin. these sores hurt they leave deep pock like scars. ive been to several drs. 2derm and lost 2 gen practice drs over this . ive been on 11 diff meds topicial and antibiotics.drs seem to be so no shellont im 57 and feel trapped in my home. My face looks all bummpy like cellulite about my 4+yr battle.hosp twice 4 cellulitis.

I have a weakened immune system due 2 other illinesses so im ready to just cut my head off and throw it away sir. thank u for letting me share.if u cld suggest anything to help it wld b appreciated but im not holding u to anythng cuz mayb this is my end tired of believing or trusting. i feel so insignificant that i dont want to b here taking up space when there is so many people who are worth enough to b here and contribute to this world. i have no one b-cuz im no one. again thx 4 letting express my feelings dr.

I believe I contracted this condition while laying pallets of grass in Texas that had swarms of fire ants on it. The grass came from Corpus Christi, Texas where they spray heavily for the ants. One day I became covered with ants and washed off in a pond. I was bit countless times. I became very ill. After that I only had internal symptoms for fifteen years with no idea what was going on until I had bladder surgery and moved to Hawaii. Then every symptom showed up. I then had steroids injected into my back and it hit a nest and I believe that that excellerated the process and when that site hatched I felt them go through my spine all over my body even to my brain. In six months from onset of symptoms to now I have gone through all the stages I see and hear about on the sites posted and have stuff happening nobody is talking about.

After Rotater Cuff surgery was itchy inside all over. Then arm broke open with black spot and white worm. Those cleared up but different kind of worm in nose now...and mechanical type bugs that morph to jelly stage. I have cut my nose to pieces trying to rid myself of these and just now coming to terms with fact that they are not real, except in my head (but in my heart I know they truly live! to torment me, bite me,cause my family to turn away from husband stands with me..but it is a sturggle for him some days as it is for me)

I want my life back and my art back and my grandchildren back. Help me and others like me, please. I could see you believe us..thank you and thank God. I have onset for yrs., RM, Restless leg since I was a teenager,Fibro./sensativity in toes and fingers to cold;for nearly 30 yrs we lived in a farming community that sat in a the land directly behind our house for two blocks was farmed out; and KCP&L the electric company with it's smoke stakes would pour smoke back into town when the wind was coming out of the E.

And we had the Mara de Scene river and the water foul...I have a hemoplacmoses (?) caused from the dropping of the birds..mine calcified. I have had pneumonia 6mos.the first time, and the croupe,then within the last five yrs. I have it again at least once.I do not smoke, nore does my husband but my parents smoked 2-4 pks. a day. I am willing to visit with you any time about this condition.It woul d be my honor to get to visit with you

Currently doc said I have MRSA. 4 episodes in a years time. Whem not on antibiotics I go through extreme fatique. Strange fevers come on suddenly, chills. I usually lie down and immediately sleep for a few hours. Next day may awake as if I finally broke a fever and just feel lethargic for days. This crazy skin itching brought me here (and keeping me awake). I have to say, and I'm also sorry to say, because it's not meant to be mean but this article about Mogellons you wrote seems quacky and even this questionaire seems quacky too. But I answered it if in case you are actually conducting research that will help others heal. quacky question: do I attract insects now more than ever? LOL. Insects always seemed to like the taste of me. 

Not getting more now than I did before. I am an outdoorsy person who camped alot. All that I wrote is me being lighthearted about this so don't get defensive about the seeming cut ups. Have a good laugh and look at it from an outsiders perspective if you were to answer some of these questions from an outsiders view. Btw, perhaps this will also help. In my 20s I was sprayed with a heaping amount of aerial bug spray while trekking in the woods. I was not able to wash/shower for hours until I got out and home. No notices were posted in the area.I was soaked from the dousing the airplane dropped on the whole area. Btw, the ending of your article was so odd. Trying to induce paranoia?? Or just you being paranoid? Strange Oh! Good luck with your research I hope it helps in a positive way the ones who suffer from this.


In june of 2012 i obtained 4 insect bites on my ankle that were in a vertical line from my foot up my ankle, ending on my lower leg. I got the bites from gardening outside around our home. this particular year we had a BAD problem with at least 4 different types of fungus growing in our mulch and soil everywhere we had soil! 2 of them were "birds nest" fungus and "dog vomit" fungus. don't know the names of other 2 but 1 was a black powder type and the other was a white cotton like material that encased the mulch in to several giant piece of dried up fungus!

The 2 other factors I consider significant were that I used several types of fungicides to try and get rid of all the fungus and 2- we had an exaggerated problem with insects around the house too - fungus gnats would invade the inside of our home every night (were talking by the thousands!), tons of slugs were eating all our flowers, and during the month of july & august we had corn root worm bugs take over our gardens that had came over from the farmers crops across the street and down the road. I used SEVERAL different kinds of insecticides and fungicides all summer long. (I can provide names of them if you need them - just ask) Gardening this past summer (both veg./fruit & flower) was HORRIFIC due to the intense drought conditions and high temps we experienced. Back to the bites, which by the way the only way i could be outside was to wear a 99% DEET product every day (which i have worn before with no issues).... within a day or 2 of getting the insect bites my leg was swollen and insanely itchy and I noticed that I was getting more and more bites by the day - which turned in to the lesions that covered both of my arms, both of my entire legs, my scalp and back of my neck. from that point on came the black, blue & red fibers coming out of the lesions -

the white cotton material oozing out of them with showering, the vision problems and increasing short-term memory loss! Starting in September i had been attacked by springtails and became! totally infested with them, as well as our home. They went away once it got cold and dry enough. Now in February, my lesions are healing, but at a very slow pace! My home has been totally taken over by these fibers and ever worse are my clothes! I have bouts of itching randomly, can't remember a damn thing much less have a complete thought and have had my life totally taken away! I am so angry all of the time because my husband and 3 young children just want "ME" back and they don't really understand. I can't be the active, and totally involved mommy I naturally am and I have NO social interactions anymore. Life just totally SUCKS right now. The nutrasilver has given me hope in getting better - if I can remember to take it 3 times a day - and knowing I'm not crazy helps too. I have not been or am suicidal - but I get where some may have felt that way! If there is anything I can do to help - just ask! I have physical samples going back to the first week of having morgellons! I have collected fibers, springtails and anything else I thought mite be helpful one day. Just an fyi. Thank you for trying to help us!

I have painful spreading, so called, sores. I say so called because there are actually morgie bugs in the scabs and just under the skin. They bite, sting and can inject stuff into the skin. Morgie spiders can hook their web on the skin and drop down. Other things that come out of my sores and skin...fibers (white & colored) that sting, black specs, eggs/seeds/pods, crystal/glass like particles,worms/slugs and all the usual bugs that are found. I have had Morgellons for 4yrs. and have taken Mebendezole for it most of that time and it helped 60 to 80% for me. 

Then a couple of months ago, my insurance stopped covering the Mebendezole. The Morgellons got worse than it had ever been. It was from head to foot and I couldn't sit down because of pain or wear normal clothing and couldn't be touched. By accident I discovered Liquid CoQ10, trying it for my Fibro, and here 4 days later I am approx. 40% healed of the Morgellons... I am absolutely amazed so far and wanted to share this with you! God bless!

I have sufffered from what ever this is since 2006 and am sure it comes from being exsposed to mold!

Morgellons has ruined my life. There is something living in my skin and I have to deal with it everyday. My parents think I'm crazy but I see it. It sucks even more because I have been diagnosed bipolar with pyschotic tendencies. So they think its a pyschotic behavior and its not. Its like God is playing a sick joke on me. I dont know how much longer I can go on like this. thanks for this website

My hair moves like snakes. I feela worm under my scalp and on forehead and temples all under the skin. I have black specks on my cheek and black specks come out of my mouth with mouthwash. I have no trouble sleeping most nights and it is hard for me to wake up and even open my bangs rustle at night and something gets in my eyebrow. Racing heart once in a while...constipated and poop every 4 days or so...stomach ache...dull while having sex...head aches...can't get enough coffee...stinging sensation in legs which leaves a slight round small rash and a thistle sticking outo of it but cant grab it cuz it barely on surface of skin...this thistle will retreat back into skin...scratches on my body...2 lesions of forehead and one on hand...some on top of arms that comea and go...white spots where lesions were...always tired...arms ache daily and elbow is freezing up at times...

sharp pains in left arm and tingling feet...movement under skin sometimes at night in calves of legs...something visits my hair every 3 days or so and slowly moves around my head constantly doing something but when i feel it out i cannot find anything...congested and cough at night and nasal runs when i look down...sore throat that came and went and nausea regulary a few months ago and vomiting recently...odd stings on arms and legs that produce a small bump that heals...sores on crown of head that heal...I do not itch and recently became allergice toa medthat i've taken for years and break outin hives butthat disapeared as well...I never itch or get itchy anywhere on my body or scalp....weird sleep in eyes every morning...eyes water likea river when the wind blows...cannot stand wind or cold any more....lower back pain lately which ive never had in my life...

last year severe infamed spine in the mid section of back lasted 4 month....head lice that ive never had in my hair ate them i know that for a fact...they ran for their life literally....i limp from joint pain...hips are bad pain...phones a! nd landl ines have a habit of not working or fouling energy and aking meds for depression and anxiety for 5 months now...have trouble urinating...poop is like hard round balls when i can rustles at neckline one in a while...and crawl feeling on neckwhere spine is to the right of hasn'[t moved in 3 days cus i comb it constantly to remove the stingers at the i took valiuma and it seems to make hair quiet and still and worm under hair still...i contractd this from jy dirty neighbor who literally lives like a getting worse and forgetting things...forgot how to sign my name the other day....I don't see things that are infront of me

Severly anemic, sores that take a long time to heal and the things that come out of the sores look just like your pictures. I am saving them in a baggie. Fibers that come out of my skin sores and my hair, enlongated things in skin, little black things that look like eggs. This is all so very sickening to me and it makes me feel like I'm a dirty person but I'm not. I'm a very clean person but that doesn"t seem to matter. I need help and the doctors don`t believe me even when I show them these things in the baggie.

Never had acne even as a teen my friend described my skin to a doc as looking like porclein and im 58, so theres gotta be a couple lines and crows feet but never like this! its litterley ruined my skin it looks lumpy and there devits and the skin looks like white deep scars my eyebrows are almost non exsistant because these sores seems to stop the hair frm growing back. 

my teeth have been decaying and falling out rapidley. i hav approx 10 symptoms listed above. ive been to two dermatologists one said as us mentioned neurotic excervation 2nd derm followed suit without using exact words-just didnt seemed interested it was obvious. er visits approx 5. cellulitis&serious skin lesions. iv vancomyicin with follow up zivox which i didnt receive cuz prim care dr was an idot and wldnt send it thru my insurance carrier. she is no longer my dr either! this has ruined my life socially and emotionally, and continues to do so. what shld i do? considered going back to my internal med/gastro interologist,who treated my hep-c.cld he run the tests i need? plz tell me which tests that need to be run as im noy clear on everything. ive been low on vitamin d for awhille also take 50thous units once a week

Bone hurts so bad feet swell broke out like a drug addict embarrassing,cant see vision drastic change,mind scrabbled took my self esteem ,die alone my bodys so damaged, dont want to hurt no one else, ashamed. gained weight 80 pds to tired to go anywhere, barely making it at work, hair growing everywhere black specs on retum and in my urine. red blue black fibers from sores. hairs falling out.

Severe fatigue, increased anxiety and depression, bad memory; skin lesions, new moles appearing, below-the-surface pimples that never go away, fibers coming out of skin, black thorns and granules in skin, developed cellulite all over, and have weird things coming out of my skin and possibly nose - black specks, hairs, fibers...interestingly, some things I find coming out of me are identical to certain things in the household environment -

feathers like the ones in the pillows; small fluffy pieces that are the same as the bedding I use for my pet rats; strands of what looks exactly like the carpet, etc. Sometimes when I sneeze or press on a pimple or skin mark that hurts, a fly appears out of nowhere. I have determined that these things are somehow coming from me by cleaning my bathroom extensively, covering the floor with a white sheet, and making sure there was nothing at all in the room. Then I would blow my nose or pick at my skin and random things - fibers, hairs, glitter - appear suddenly. 

Depressive, lack of motivation, or self limitedness that seems to come over me and produce lethargy and brain fog. I really had no idea what brain fog until began to present itself along with the skin issues I had been facing. I would forget simple tasks I had needed to do and there would be this deathly coldness that would practically stay with me all day long. I the past have I cannot recall ever experiencing symptoms clustered together like this especially never ever seen anything in terms of those threads/fibers/even slithers of pieces of blue, red, purple!

I also never had any issues with pain and whatever was "hitting me" would seem to do so at different times of the day and and I experienced a higher susceptibility to intense pain and aches.. Hot knees, headaches, unbelievable dizziness... The Skin issues I had and still have(but less expressive)that relate to Morgellons but are not full blown Morgellons have seemed to tone down and I have been doing A LOT LESS(showering everyday is a no-no-as well as washing in any form, water would break my healing lesions up/soften the skin too much, AND not putting a lot of my face-the minimal!) Strangely I had been seeing these blue thready fibers for months straight but at this time they haven't been as agressive, although I have seen them still. For instance,

I will see them if I am swabbing an open wound as the fibers will stick to the cotton swab. I have have seen them still in skin wounds. But I wish I could say that all the oddities produced in my skin have gone away, the latest thing is I have these seed shaped shards of white particles that seem to keep popping up on my face, back of my neck and on my chest and neck. I have never had these things before and notice they have that stinging effect known to that produced in Morgellons sufferers. I've been given the cold shoulder by every medical professional I have visited and that includes Dermatologists, an Allergist, and an Infectious Disease Dr. It is hard because these problems are clear ! 

To the naked eye, there should be concern on the side of practitioners bearing witness to these things but there isn't. There is instead this obsession with the belief that the patient is "picking" or a "picker" which IS NOT TRUE for me and I am sure countless, if not, all Morgellons suffers, such a response is not only one of indifference, it is COUNTERINTUITIVE to the whole process we all endure in hopes of getting answers from the medical community

Stinging and movement sensations under skin everywhere, even in head. Am negative for Lyme so what is causing the above and how to get rid of "it" My daughter has Lyme and Morgellons.

My dermatologist sad I don't have anything. I bought a mini microscopy, and I saw that little thing. I'm looking for treatment or good doctor in my area. My husband doesn't know what I have. My body itch all over, include nose, ears, eyes and scalp. I have a sinus drenage, bumps with little black dots.Crawling feeling on the skin, like invisible bugs Pinching, biting, stinging or prickling on the skin. Lesions sore. I have a lot of other symptoms but could be from Hepatitis C treatment.I'm very scare.Please, help me. Thanks

Crawling and stinging sensations. i have lesions and sores that have spread all over the inner side of right breast and on m scalp. random sores on my arms that wont heal. small fibers and particles coming out of skin. tinear, blurry vision, short term memory loss, dizzyness and disorientation, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, crawling sensations inside nose and on scalp, sores in mouth that wont heal, feeling of sand in eyes, all diff kinds of bugs seem to be attracted to me

I think Mayo Clinics in Jacksonville FL did a lyme teat, negative but diagnosed as dermatitis. I think it is a wrong diagnosis. Told them repeatedly that it lookes like worms andvthey replicate themselves fast and furiously. Looked at them with microscope for two years. They spring and jump and scare the hell out of me when this happens because they remain alive and invisable and spread. This IS A PANDEMIC AND THE GOV IS DOING NOTHING TO HELP! Getting worse again. Albendazol was given to me twice back to back and my skin almost cleared up, but one small spot. I asked doctor to give me a 3rd dose nut he would not. So stuff came back, full force.

Chronic MS symptons, IBS is more severe,neck pain,open wounds around nails and toes nails sometimes fall off,open sores on legs-arms-neck and back, yellow washes off skin on cloth,crawling felling under skin,white worm fell out of back,all colors strings and dots fall out everywere,white string have pronge on one end black dot on other.soars are v shaped,bleeding gums,slug thing attached to gums,white pussy strings on inside noise red dots appear when removed,encephilitis caused central apnea, uncontrollable itching, white rolls off face in sheets,bad rash on legs and stomach,dentise inform roots are shortening,enlarge veins on hands/arms.noise always plugged red and itches.

Almost 2 years ago I started to get lesions on my skin that would seem to never heal. After my Doctor told me that I had many allergies to pets so I found homes for my dog and cat. Shortly after I was attack my mites on my legs arms back face. These were very painful open lesions, I had seen my Doctor for treament and was treated for scabies. I new this was not a scabbies infection, as I had many birds in my yard at home, I would feed and handle some of the birds and notice that I had been bitten by a bird mite. They then got into my home and seem to never go away no matter what I did.sprays, fogers ect; I even left my home for 7 days in hope they would die off. But still I was being attacked by these mites.I clean all the time and wash my person and hair none stop.I have tried so many things and still I am getting bites.I am married but my husband does not suffer from any of the bites as I do?

I do know that they do get on him as well,but he does not suffer.I am beside myself as to what kind of treatment to use I am running out of Ideas,and fear that this could really kill me one day if I do not get HELP. I did much research to find out what I was dealing with.These mites were sent to a lab and identifide as bird mites.I then went on line and found ypur web site, I could not believe that so many people were suffering from the same thing as I listen to your radio show. I really thought I was the only one that had this problem.My mariage has also suffer as well. My husband does not seem to understand what this has done to me. I try to explaine to him and show him the pain I am in and the sleepless nights I have and the stress that I am under.But he thinks it will just go away.I keep away from him and sllep alone I stay in my home all the time,and wear close that fit tight and scoks long sleeves,so that I keep my body covered to prevent furthor bites.It seems to help some what but I still get bites. I was bitten so badly on my back next to my spine in 2 areas that caused permenet damage in my back,as they did a ! MRI to s ee how far down the absess went they were very deep. If you can help me please contact me and let me know what kind of teatment I can get for this as it is makking me very ill. Kind Regards

Well, where do begin. So i was over at my aunts cleaning cause she has always had bad cleaniness skills. when i was stading by a crap load of boxs that had not been gone through in years. my dead god daughts clothes what was in them. I started to feel this crawling sensation around my ankles then quickly it swarmed my whole body and i was feeling biting-stinging sensation. after that i had really bad back and neck pains that with time increased more and then more problems occured. and thy only got more horrific than they already where. its in my hair and my twobeautiful baby girls hair also we have most of the symptoms on the web site. i just dont know how much longer i can handle this.

Scalp sores will not heal, hair loss. Tufted hair. Scalp and face skin sloughing. Black terminal hairs. Dry eyes blurred vision. Digestive problems. Found out living in severe moldy home. I believe mold. And the mycotoxins cause these diseases. No doctors want to get involved. Its not recognized like mold. The book of Leviticus. They say mold is everywhere, yes it is but when its inside in massive of amounts it is dangerous in my opinion

Heavy legs, joint pain, gum deterioration, hair loss, fatigue, shingles like sensation in face, psoriasis type skin condition,partner has more evidence of morgellons in terms of various debris identical to the photographs displayed on this site. She is now 41 years, we are in the at the end of a very wet summer and experiencing much more in the way of symptoms. My partner initially thought she had lice, but the objects we have found and observed over the last 5 weeks match those found on all the level headed morgellon sites (I was researching mites and ticks when I finally discovered some morgelons sites)

Severe immunocompromised, systematic fungus, rare infections, CFS, Fibro, Lyme, Morgellons, parasites, terminally ill, per doctor. Very ill, tend to believe the doctor, miserable, suicidal, overwhelming anxiety, severe brain issues, need help soon, fear it may be too late. I can watch winged bugs exit my pores, often, some as large as houseflies, lately. Unable to care for myself, broke, alone, terrified, can't afford RX I got for Albenza, long term treatment, lost 60 lbs in 9 months, vomit up worm, after taking 1 dose of Albenza in ER. 

Many pics of the years of progression. Depression, family has distanced themselves from me, 27 yrs. best friend can see how bad i am now and is afraid to be around me. I am alone with this scarey thing that has taken over my body. My home is alive with wall growths and freakish, too loud sounds, of bug activity and them hitting a solid surface, it seems too loud for small bug, but have recorded it happenning, as it's now constant, anywhere I go, not just at home any longer. Skin looks just like worms, i entertain my lonely self, watching the slow moveent under my skin as these worms that cover my entire body move slowly and pulsate, panic is my major emotion. I'm dying. I have tried many/most things that have helped others, but nothing has slowed my disease down, it's going fast now. I look like I should be in the ground already. This is hell.

I was doing fine for quite awhile, although as a pet groomer I have been seeing these critters off and on for years on myself and my clients pets. Then, I had a major emotional upset in my life, got sick and was told I had anemia. Next thing I know, I get dog lice, head lice, scabies, and ring worm, all at the same time. I had been noticing a difference in some of the dogs coats during the last 6 months. They all seemed thicker, heavier and they never seemed to shed their winter coats. In April, I got a pretty severe infection in my index finger and needed to buy magnifying glasses so that I could have both hands free. I noticed some strange debris collecting under my nails that was identifiable with the magnifying headgear as these same bugs. The hairballs, gubbers, dirtballs, and little critters as I called them. 

The other parasites I had contracted were easy to get rid of, not only on myself, but also my indoor cat and my clients. The problem now is the Morgellons. I can't believe the amount of debris they can leave on a typically easy dog such as a Labrador. I sadly have to tell you, Veterinarians are just as bad as the doctors. I provided hair samples of my findings in little zip lock sandwich bags for my weekly clients so they could have their vet analyze it and let us know what the remedy is. The Vets basically told my clients that I was delusional. Thankfully my clients are well educated, wealthy, and know that I am anal when it comes to the care of their pets skin and coat. They know I'm perfectly sane and professional at work, and know that they can leave it in my hands and I will find a solution.

I use Dawn dish soap, original regular for the first bath followed by a 3% benzoyl peroxide shampoo that I leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing. I then comb out the sticky threads with a flea comb. I've been doing this now for three weeks and my weekly clients are nearly back to normal. One thing I noticed that hasn't gone back to normal is the texture of their coats is very very fine now. Almost too soft. That was one of the first things I noticed about my own hair as well and with it being super fine it responds more to static electricity which these buggers seem to put off. When I have a dog on my table with Morgellons the hair on my head literally stands on end. I joke and say, "Oh your bugs want to have a meeting with my bugs." Sick humor is sometimes the only way to get through something such as this. I do hope I can get through this. I'm taking a week off this week just to stay at home, recover, get health insurance, and find a Dr. who will treat me for Lime disease without a positive test result. I can't tell you how thankful I am that you put together this website for me to find. I feel so much better that you posted pictures that look exactly like my samples magnified at 60Xs. What a blessing to know my misery has company.

I need help, but I do not know where to start. The more I read the more I know that I have this....I use to be very sociable, but am becoming more and more introverted. I get angry very quickly now. I used to be a happy person. I wear long sleeves to hide all my scars. I absolutely love to garden but get even itchier when I do. I am scared.

Emerging fibres mainly black and white coming from body, face and scalp. Lesions on face only, immune to cease. Itching, stinging. Emerging 'granules.' Swelling in certain areas mainly face.itchy burning rashes. Self esteem issues, brain fog. I am currently undergoing treatment through a naturopath. I am using the RIFE treatment once a week taking colloidal silver with hydrogen peroxide food grade, propolis and alkaline liquid along with frequent detox baths. I also use your DSP range religiously and it has helped enormously! I feel i am improving but would like to send in some samples to get tested for Lyme disease. I live in Australia, is there a certain Lab you can recommend for me to send in some samples?

July 2010 I had sores appear on my back thta would not heal. Was told it looked like scabies and used neem oil. Not sure if helped but they healed after months. This followed an intense return to gardening including lots of contact with soil over two months. September 2011 under very intense ongoing stress. November 2011 diagnosed with Lupus and began taking Plaquenil. Family began noticing cognitive changes. Short term memory, and recall. January 2012 resumed lots of gardeniing, again with lots of contact with soil for three months. Insomnia , agitation and fearfulness began. 

Next inability to manage time and was circling about unable to complete tasks. By July, unable to work, overwhelming fatigue, cognitive problems. Anger, agitation, and then experiencing and seeing insects in and around my body. Sores broke out everywhere. Looked like cigarette burns. If scratch, a thin layer of what seemed like keratin protein would form. Fingers splitting open at juncture of fingertip and cuticle. Panic attacks and frantic. Family tried to have me enter psych facility. I left home and went to hotel. Fear they would not find cause. Saw family physician and he prescribed antibiotics and told family medical condition. My hair texture changed. It resembled dreadlocks, and turned copper color. One angle it was gray, another angle reddish, another angle, black. Was afraid I had lost my mind and would not recover. I am on the mend. Back to work after two weeks out.

A year ago I began to get these cuts on my finger tips that wouldn't heal. Prior to that, after a 5 month stay in LA, I developed classic OCD (I check everything a million times!) I also began getting dizzy spells at that time. That was 2 years ago and now I have all those symptoms plus more. Three months ago I began to develop lesions that wouldnt heal. I thought they were flea bites bc the exterminator said that I had fleas. I also itched EVERYWHERE. One day at work I got so itchy that it began tp feel painful. I felt like fire ants were crawling all over me and biting! I then went to the quick clinic. I also had noticed that I had tons of what I thought was lint in my underwear. They were pink and white and the shape of a handlebar and there were like 10 or more all in my underwear. I also noticed things inside my bra when I would take my bra off. Some looked like lint, but mostly I found little black specks, especially around my nipples.

Thank you for your phenomenal compassion to many sufferers, including myself! I am a reseacher and advocate and patient of Dr. Neelam Uppal, St. Petersburg, FL. I am cited as one of the patient cases in her book called, "Is Your Pet Safe?" I personally spoke with former CDC director Patrick Lammie in 2008 and submitted two Morgellons trials to the CDC (both denied). I also attempted to meet with a Florida Congressman who denied meeting with me when he found out I was a Kentucky resident, ...not Florida. 

I am a University of Louisville graduate, Educational Psychology. We are (like others) attempting to establish funding and research. I would be very appreciative and it would be an honor to speak with you about these serious pathogens and the need to establish a standard level of care for all patients in every country.

Pimples that have no real pus in them. I used to have some regular acne, no more. This is weird. I'm guessing gram-neg/fungal folliculitis is closest. Losing a lot of scalp hair, but face is now covered in lanugo/vellus hair. When tweezed out, root is extremely thick, gelatinous, and bleeds like mad. Thick white dots next to follicles that I can tweeze with some difficulty, very thick...EVERY damn follicle, it seems. Unrelated injuries get infested too. Mostly face, breasts, bra line (getting pressure sores there that burst open with the weird white follicles).

Everything takes forever to heal. Skin was falling off ears in huge itchy white patches like yeast infection and then I Had a huge cyst under ear appear after taking antibiotic for sore throat, which opened to reveal millions of black and white hairs, white gelatin, black and white spots. Stained and sampled under microscope at 400x, looked awfully like Microsporum. Taking Grispeg now for two weeks plus topical concoction of miconazole/tea tree oil with some improvement overall, but cyst not healing well. Several new gelatinous follicles still appearing. Insomnia is terrible. Husband is a doctor, "humors" me with some treatments since my insurance has dropped me, but things are strained and I don't want him to get in trouble. I am miserable. Oh, and I have no appetite but haven't lost weight...guess all my calories are from beverages. Had to take steroids 5x too for athritis like symptoms, but that's showed improvement. Those are the highlights.

The souls of my feet have been breaking out in blisters for over 2 years now. If I squeeze them very firmly, a long small diameter white string-like brittle fibre will emerge from deep within the blister. I also have these fibres in my lips. They really hurt and cause my lips to blister. They are like cactus thorns in my lips! Mystery wounds occur all over my body, and they clearly exude sliver-like fibres. These take forever to heal. These also come out of my fingers and toes. Sometimes, they come out of my nose, ears, eyes, and chin. I constantly have a headache, heartburn, and what I think are intestinal blockages. 

My symptoms are too numerous and bizarre to mention. All I know is that I feel like the walking plague. By the way, I also have a bastocystis hominis infection that I can not get rid of. I beleive that this condition is killing me. Please contact me to learn more. I would love to be able to talk to someone about this condition. I can't see why doctors think this is in peoples's heads, do they not have microscopes anymore? I tell you, I am more than ready to see a psychiatrist now, because this ailment is driving me crazy!

Itching, stinging, biting and crawling sensations. Headaches, joint pain, skin lesions, losing hair, thick course wirey dark hair growing all over body, high pitched ringing in my ears, objects on skin in eyes, ears and mouth, body temperature below normal, brain fog, difficulty speaking in complete sentences, forgetting words, names, dates, short terms memory loss, tooth decay, hyper sensative to light and sound, chemical sensitivity (smell), sense of smell is inaccurate, can't sense of touch (hot and cold), chronic fatigue, cold spots on body (stomach and knees).

Mass in back of throat that can't be cleared, feet and legs swelling, lesions all over scalp, open sores that are slow to heal or not at all, internal organs hurt, urine is yellow or dark with strong oder, nurses have very hard time taking blood for lab work, dark red marks on lower legs and ankles that feels like they are deeply bruised and sometimes feel burning sensation, depressed and sad most of the time, loss of ability to perform simple tasks, loss of interest in things I once enjoyed, muscle spasms and severe cramps in arms, back, feet, legs and hands and legs.

Blurred vision and pain in eyes, pain in sinuses and forehead, sharp stabbing pains in head, shortness of breath, chest pains, dry mouth, pins and needles in tips of fingers, sweating heavly especially after shower or bath, constant indigestion, burping. pH level is very high (acidic). My doctor (infectious disease) and dermatologist of 18 years refuse to acknowledge I have Morgellons. HIV doctor diagnosed it as Staph infection and prescribed Leviquin. Dermatologist disagreed and diagnosed as Nodularis Polaris and prescribed two topical creams.

I have symptoms of crawling, twitching, biting, severe sking sensitivity, movements under skin, vibrations or surges of pulsing sensations, insomnia, can handle heat yet am cold a lot, have body heat flashes often with severe prictly sensations, panic attacks (heart racing/palpitations) sometimes and with fear and a whole array of other health problems since 1989. These symptoms come and go, stop, only to come back min. hours or days later (lasting for min. or hours off an on). Alos occur mostly when sitting down or laying down and laying down at bedtime and can last up to 1 to 3 hours. I have no help and doctors will not work with me as they think this is delusional. I am wearing down from these symptoms which have become more frequent.

Never heard of this untill it happened to me two weeks ago. It was a horrible few days in which a waged a war to get rid of these things. They came out from under nails inbetween my fingers they would make small cuts and come out from under my skin. It Was such a surreal experience my mind could not process what was happenig. I even questioned my own sanity. Bu as the days wore on and things kept happening I knew I . was not crazy.

Terrible skin lesions, swollen gums lesions black like mold in sores ears eyes and nose severely affected. Eyelashed infected hair is covered with gluey black shafts. itching crawling sand like all over body exreme anal itching. looks like worms in mouth nose. twisted hair balls blue fuzz balls all over clothes skin has fungus all the time. Serious scars used to have beautiful skin and hair, no more

I`m on disability now due to chronic fatique and fibromyalgia. skin lesions are horrifying...drs. tell me its probably dermatitis...IT IS NOT. ive known for years i have something awful..thats how i found out about morgellons.. I`m afraid to talk to doctor anymore. My skin absolutely appears to be morgellons. I will ask for lyme disease test really desperate and feeling alone about it.

We live on ten acres woods of NJ near Delaware Water Gap. We are about as remote as one can get and still be in NJ. Behind our property is a thousand acres of Worthington State Forest. 

Anyway, my point is that I have lived in the same area my entire life and yet living in the woods now is like living on a different planet. I could go on about what I suspect to be a bird mite, or mold mite, or even rat mite infestation -- all of which are entirely possible and maybe even probable given our setting -- but suffice it to say in my search I have found some very interesting albeit frightening parallels with Morgellon's -- not the least of which are what appear to be fibrous organisms under microscopic inspection. 

I should back up to say that on and off all winter I had felt pin-prick bites but the feeling, along with pronounced bite marks, and rash escalated with the warm and humid weather recently. A visit to the dermatologist and a steroid cream got rid of the rash, and he did do a biopsy of a bite mark to get a read on what I'm reacting to, but those results are not back yet.

In the meantime, I bought an ionizer for my bedroom, which has given me a lot of relief in that room. It is one of three main rooms that I felt the itchiest -- including main bathroom and laundry/utility roo! m. I find it significant that none of those three rooms get direct sunlight. Also -- there are a myriad of symptoms I've had over the years that match up with Lymes/Morgellons but in all sincerity I think I have just gotten used to this state of being as a way of life. 

I definitely feel I am absorbing and emanating an unusual degree of static electricity or magnetism. We do not have carpeting in my house or at my job, but if we did, I know I could generate some sparks! 

Did I mention under microscope, those tiny "bugs" I got out of my laundry basket look like many of your pictures? The fibers and the crystal formations are there. Even one red fiber. And I haven't looked in a microscope since college bio -- but I "think" I see cell walls on some of the filaments, or fibers. God bless

I have long hair Morgellons fiber disease or syndrome along with three sisters, two brother-in-laws. The other two spouses showed signs of having or getting but their system fought them off and or the Morgellons didn't like. We fought and went through a great deal with the medical system before my oldest sister found and went to a Dr. who diagnoses and treats Morgellons. Our other doctors did then have to follow suit. I fought hard at OHSU, OR to get them away from the mental in spite of many physical samples to finally get the same diagnoses as my sister. There is a lot to tell and a lot of unknown that could be answered through our cases.

My one sister and husband picked up when in Florida out of a apt. that they rented that black specks in it. Some of these questions were hard to answer as there is not a yes or no answer. My pets (cats and dog) do not have as far as I can tell, though two of my cats look a bit skinny. I have many samples and also with God's help and being a good lab rat, have hit on treatment that seems to be beating the Morgellons in spite of having it through out my entire body and all factors. Please not also that I had low pituary function (on cortisol) and leukemia plus low thyroid prior to catching the Morgellons. It is probably why I have it so bad and make a good lab rat. :) I would be glad to help as sure my doctors and sisters would as well. God Bless You!

About 1997 I had a shower in India and sudden terrible stinging on scalp and shoulders then many Lyme and hormonal symptoms. Body pain, hormone, skin color, hair loss. Also in August 2010 I walked out of my house and felt as if someone shot me with electric needles. After that day my house and body became infested and many scary things happened so I think there were 2 times involved. I know 5 people that work for the airline that have Morgellons. I think we are being used for biological testing after hundreds of hours of research.

I had severe bilateral radicular back pain for 3 years that I tried to treat with accupunture, massage, exercise & non-surgical treatment radiographic injected steroids along L5S1 with no results. Back pain became progressively worse with bilateral neurpathy along L5-S1 down to my bit toes. MRI showed spondylothesis & I had major surgery in 2005; a bilateral anterior posterior lumbar fusion L5-S1 which was a success. I had a second surgery a year later for severed secondary dysmenorrhea(laparoscopic uterine hysterectomy) & pathology showed severed adenomyesis. Both surgeries were successful but then in 2006 I developed major depression & was hospitalized for suicide attempt. I moved to the country & rented a house built in 2006 with a stick-on-dirt foundation both crawlspace and attic without vents.

A year later noticed red, violet, black, green, off-white molds and mildew, a wood-boring powderpost beetle, case-making and webbing clothes moth larvae, varied carpet beetle, larva, fungus gnats, wood-decay fungi, and wood-staining fungi. I have not been able to eradicate the infestations and transfered them to the storage unit I rented & to my boyfriend's house, my ex-roomates house. I now have headlice again & feel sharp random sting-like pricks along the seams of my clothing, fleshy 1mm elongated matter with a round prominence at one end on my person; usually an area that has itched or tickled. Headlice is back & not going away. My cats have itchy faces exam of their fur shows nit-like things and honey-colored objects on the fur. Also I have gained about 30 pounds in 3 months. Depression is worse. I lost my job and am virtually homeless. Also my sister has the same things going on and she lives 2.5 hours away. House inspection showed a relative indoor humidity of 70% crawlspace shows pp beetles, fungi, wood-decay, wood-staining, attic shows everything except pp beetles. Both areas had no vents. House mold showed Cladosporium, Pencillium, Aspergillus, Basidiomycosis.

Have fungal-type infection over entire body growing on hardened(dry)slime which comes out of every pore.The "parasites"are in all my organs and crawl out of openings i.e. nose, ears, rectum, etc. I can feel them moving inside and wherever I touch soon becomes covered in fungus and slime. The slime is necessary for it's existence,but nothing seems to kill it.The open lesions mainly on the scalp, throat, and upper back. Constant dull headache,severe ear ringing,short term memory loss, chronic constipation, bladder infection, etc. Diagnosis-Lymphdema,right side heart failure, and Arthritus throughout every bone and joint. I KNOW it's all from this, but doctor gave me anxiety meds, told me to relax! Hope you are able to come up the answers so future sufferers might find help.


Dear Marc, please help me, I just don`t know how to cope any longer with this miserable life? This disease has killed everything I loved. My husband left me with my kids, my mom won`t call me anymore, and all my friends thinks I`m just crazy. Although I was diagnosted with Lyme by western blot test, but my physician won`t treat me any longer (was just 10 days on doxy). He said the insurance will sue him if he treats me longer than that?? I was a nurse and now I`m on disability and i live in a very small trailer, no shower, suffering every day from itch and fibers coming out constantly. What happend to this world that it turned so evil, greedy and careless? Please help me if you can, i just want to kill myself. I lost hope...I had such a good life before and now I live in hell. Thank you for your site and time to listen, that means a lot to me, you are such a good guy and you helped so many souls. Please reply, don`t forget me please, i feel so sick, desperate and lonely. I cry every day and night. God bless!

Hello, Thank you for maintaining such a comprehensive website! I found your site while looking for microscopic photos of mites. I suspect we have a bird mite infestation and yet I am the only one being bitten. Anyway, my point is that I have lived in the same area my entire life and yet living in the woods now is like living on a different planet. I could go on about what I suspect to be a bird mite, or mold mite, or even rat mite infestation -- all of which are entirely possible and maybe even probable given our setting -- but suffice it to say in my search I have found some very interesting albeit frightening parallels with Morgellon's -- not the least of which are what appear to be fibrous organisms under microscopic inspection. I have been doing my laundry on "sanitize" using Borax and peroxide and I had peroxide and I have gathered some samples of what look to the naked eye as tiny bugs that were in the laundry basket afterwards. (Light brown in color.). I should back up to say that on and off all winter I had felt pin-prick bites but the feeling, along with pronounced bite marks, and rash escalated with the warm and humid weather recently. A visit to the dermatologist and a steroid cream got rid of the rash, and he did do a biopsy of a bite mark to get a read on what I'm reacting to, but those results are not back yet.

In the meantime, I bought an ionizer for my bedroom, which has given me a lot of relief in that room. It is one of three main rooms that I felt the itchiest --including main bathroom and laundry/utility roo!I find it significant that none of those three rooms get direct sunlight. Also -- there are a myriad of symptoms I've had over the years that match up with Lymes/Morgellons but in all sincerity I think I have just gotten used to this state of being as a way of life. Interesting, too, that you asked about watches/computer. I had the battery on my watch replaced recently and the watch stopped dead after 12 hours. I took it off and it started again. Also I am near computers all day long. I definitely feel I am absorbing and emanating an unusual degree of static electricity or magnetism. We do not have carpeting in my house or at my job, but if we did, I know I could generate some sparks! Sorry -- don't mean to be glib -- it's all just surreal, ya know? Which reminds me -- years ago I had read about Morgellons through happenstance following alternative news sites about Chemtrails. I know for certain I have seen them all over the skies in our area and while some folks would say "contrails" I know better as I have watched the skies since I was a kid. Those Chemtrail planes were/are definitely spraying something! Did I mention under microscope, those tiny "bugs" I got out of my laundry basket look like many of your pictures? The fibers and the crystal formations are there. Even one red fiber. And I haven't looked in a microscope since college bio -- but I "think" I see cell
walls on some of the filaments, or fibers. God bless you and yours

Please help me locate a doctor in Sf Bay area that treats this affliction. I am desperate, and getting sicker. kaiser has been no help. I know that my blood and lymph glands are infected because I bleed globs of sticky goo with things in it. I have open sores all over my arms and my hair is falling out. I used to be an active sports enthusiast, ran 2 miles per day. I'm suffering in all aspects of my life, now and can barely work part time, I can no longer teach in a classroom. Thank you for this website and caring. please help me find a doctor that will prescribe medicine I need to get well and end this suffering. I don't know where to turn.

When I was 30 yrs old I had breast cancer stage 2 and 6 months of chemo. So now i have lymphodema, staph a,non-healing lesions with milky worms, blue, black, white, green strands as tough as wire that tunnel, blk/brn oval shape eggs? black and flouresant objects that can not be crushed, bug/creatures, lg/sm tadpole like larvee, white noduals, insect w/blue body/wings 2 times. These lesions, parisites are coming out of every opening accept my ears, and are also eating my teeth, my tongue and lips have channels and tunnels and never seem to heal, becoming more farsited and cannot focus visually or mentally, i am extremly depressed, very short tempered, heart palputations and chest pains, high blood pressure and the last perscription created more lesions.

have recently gained about 20 plus pounds, more trouble expressing myself, no motivation and really do not care about anything any more, but deep down I still do, I live with an 81 year old man for now but when he is gone i
will have no place to live. Social security disabilty will not accept applicates with morgellons even if you have proof. The only family that will talk or care about me anymore is my son 18yrs old who still depends on me for the moment. my social life is a trip to the supermarket and this is also becoming to difficult for me. So i suppose i will pass away long before our sick government does anything to provide some kind of relief or cure for these terrible diseases they have created and recreated. i was told that it took some 30yrs before they did anything to help aids victims.
Perhaps if someone had a rocket launcher they could blowup one or more of those planes that spray chemtrails (morgellons and viruses) on us everyday around the world. I wonder what kind of pilots fly those planes and exactly who is it that would give an order to spray poisons on us that also contributes to the so called globel warming that will also eventually kill us anyway. Does the government have a vaccine that will prevent them from becoming infected?

I am a recluse now. I fear giving this plague to anyone. I have a very complicated medical history in which I was sent to psychiatrists, psychologists etc. This went on for 33 years. Finally I diagnosed my own condition and was found to have 4 bad parathyroid glands. I have had osteoporosis since I was 30 at which time I had 2 or 3 compression fractures. The doctors here did not do much except send me to mental health persons.

My pancreas was full of embedded stones for which I had 26 stone removals( in another city the other side of my state, where the doctors treat me with dignity), then my chronically failing kidneys were found to be 'packed' with stones, calcium and in 2010 I had a 'whipple procedure and they removed many things and reduced my pain by 1/3 to 1/2 the longstanding torturous pain. Then I contracted what I thought was lice and treated myself on Dec17, of 2011. It did not go away so I was told to go to my clinics minor emergency, my records are marked in a
detrimental way, I think due to doctors here not wanting to be held accountable .

The 'dr' I saw did not help told me I looked OCD. and then IT got worse. I don't think they are going to help me. I recently got a referal to a dermatologist. I have been told not to go. They'll just label me crazy and it's much less expensive for me to just tell myself I am 'nuts' then to get poor treatment from them and build THEIR pharmeceutical stock. Recently, I thought maybe I should take the pesticide I began using on my home and clothing. NOT happening! Jehovah is my God. I go when he says, not when the bug plague does. I have soaked in salt water, which helps.

I have used the lice treatments about 5 times in 3 months. I have used tea tree oil, helped a little but the worst is the bugs in my food and fridge. many thing gets coated with a white fungus of some sort, too a multiplicity of tiny bugs on canned goods as well refrigerated foods. If I leave a dish in the sink it becomes coated with
some funky stuff. I have been SO sick and pray to die, but, I just keep moving one foot in front of the other. I cry much more and I am very muddy in my thought process, I begin shaking and shivering and cannot focus. I feel so very ill. I am at my wits end. I have medicaid and the doctors here find me to be a 'bottom feeder' They don't want to deal with me.

HELP ME PLEASE... I feel I am literally being driven 'buggy' ITCHchy crawley things my hair is falling out. I don't use makeup any longer and have begun to throw out things to rid myself of this curse. I live in a mobile home which has plenty of moisture problems. I feel that is one of the big problems. I was briefly treated with antibiotics and have taken ivermectin 3 times. The antibiotics helped a bit, they were prescribed for MRSA while they took a culture from the scalp sores. Now, my back is full of sores, my ear has one of those white gelatinous lint like bugs in it and I went and bought some dog de wormer which in the last few days has reduced the size of the sores that
pour out teeny little yellowish and white eggs down my back, then I start feeling them bite, crawley I get a tingling sensation just before up my neck. I am so very tired and would love to get ethical, honorable help. Is that a dream to good to be true...I think maybe it is.

First noticed fuzz in my eyelashes when applying mascara, then rash appeared on my left arm and chest, started feeling crawling, biting, stinging sensations. Family and friends told me that I was suffering the effects of excessive stress and that it was all in my head. I tried to ignore but then the worms came and I couldn't handle it. Went to ER and was told that I was a drug addict with delusional parasitis and hypersensitivity without even an exam.

My mother believed the doctor and now I have lost my family as well as my job, apartment, car, personal belongings, boyfriend, and friends. My life pretty much sucks right now and I don't see much hope for the future. In addition, my eyesight is failing with blurred vision, floaters, and discharge. I stumble and am off balance frequently. Bad teeth, bad breath. Odd hair on face and arms, if pulled seems connected to other hair follicles- doesn't just pull out as natural. Also have little tiny white or off-white fuzz balls that come out of my skin. And fuzz and debris litter my sheets, I can't keep up with it. I feel as though I leave a cloud of debris when I walk through a room- like Pigpen.

White dots and strings coming from skin. Puffy face with white matter that comes out if bumped or scraped. Black specs and very very tiny flies coming from skin. Hair loss and strange hair growth, head hair moves on it's on like it's alive. Mucus, mucus and more mucus from my sinuses, vaginal and in my bowel movements. Tired all the time, I leave the house maybe once every couple of weeks because the lesions on my face are disgusting.I have many more symptoms and the latest being a soar throat and a sudden lump in my throat. I have no insure and am scared to death. I have a husband and 3 little girls that can't live without me. I just wish people would listen and believe what I am saying... Sad, I am just sad all the time =(

I was gardening in July and took my gloves off to dig in the soil. I got slivers in my figures from the roots. They were very fine and I could not see them to pull out with tweezers. I could feel them with my teeth and pull a lot out. There seemed to be hundreds of them. I week later my lip started to swell. I could pull these fine strands out with my teeth and sometimes there were these big pieces with fine fibres at the end. I had to pull the big ones out the right way or I would rip my lips. There seem to be hundreds in my lips. Now they have worked their way down to my bottom lip. The run into my cheeks. They are getting longer and more. It just doesn't end.

I feel absolutely INSANE! Skin is crawling all the time, my scalp is peeling and hair falling out. I feel like my hair on my head is biting my face and body. Feet are numb from not sure why..possible infection on toes? I have become so consumed that I cannot stop picking at the sores. I feel like there are bugs in my ears and all over entire body. I see long whitish-reddish fine hairs on face and arms. When I pluck them, it feels like they just jump to a new spot due to the biting sensation. I have been to 2 dermotologists and both did biopsy to no avail. My family thinks I'm nuts, I lost custody of my son to my parents due to my obsessive behavior and my psychiatrist has me medicated as if its all in my head and I am delusional.

This is so creepy but here gos. Wlle the toes, frequent bladder infections. Feelings of mu hair being full og static electrity. swollon legs with things that look like scratches but I didn't scratch.Bugs in my ears, I wear egg plugs. when I blow my nose after sleep, out comes these horrid bugs, with blood.In the motning, I brush and give a little cough, and give a little cough and blood come up with eggs of all colors and shapes, and the have tiny little legs. It is so horrid thing to see. The bugs in the ears are horrible/My 1st symptom was a tiny worm in my eay(L). I have a little Hamster from Russia who bit like everything, and He first bit me on Kan of 2011, jr has very poor eye sight. I bought these for my youngest little zoo for the Grand Chilren. We also have a brown Syrian hamster. My husband keps their cages clean -he is very care about clean cages enough clean being clean and the water dishes are clean, and the correect food and freah water-also hand washing. Because of my back and leg problem, I can't lift much. We have a sweet Parakeet, what he also cleans his food and has dishes. I hopes helps.I am beside myself.

Many excoriations...mainly r arm and l leg. Many are deep with raised ridge on outside. Some discoloration present in most lesions I can only describe as a bluish almost bruise like color. Prior to outbreak felt my skin crawling and what felt like bites or sometimes static electric impulses. Incredible fatigue and lack of focus. Skin itch on rare occasion and burning sensation almost constant. The burning I would describe as burning from the inside out.

Strange I know...but best way I can think to explain. I have extracted white like fibers and black dots which seem to come from beneath the outer raised area. I have never seen any extractions move or appear to be alive. Numbness and tingling of arms and legs happen occasionally usually left leg. Muscle cramps have also been a problem..most affected area I would say is l foot and sometimes the calf as well. Cramps can be so intense leaving me unable to drive or walk for a brief period.

I have been diagnosed with depression and adhd both of which I now take meds for. In nov of last year I attempted suicide. My depression became so bad I often stayed in bed. The attempted suicide was not from any stress involving my skin lesions....but they did appear around that same time. While h was confronted by staff inquiring if they self inflicted cig Burns. I admit as a Med professional myself, I would have came to that possibility myself. In closing ...I am so very sick with and of whatever this is. The list of Dr s and treatments tried is far too long

extreme fatigue, brain fog can not think at all, anxiety, depression, isolated, crying all the time, believe it's in my hair follicles hair movement, hair loss that shocks & burns me feeling of biting from inside,lesions on my head, pubic area, face now, constant falling of different strange things some look like burnt dead grass, some look like parasites, some look like worms, insects appear around me, under black light hair on head has white stuff all over it which falls into my eyes and face all over, eyebrows moving as well and falling out then hair will grow so fast and thick, then movement and falls out shaved my head and all body hair didn't help at all have these brown and black hard tiny things constanly falling out all over me they fall out of feet legs, between fingers, white thick hair dominating my body and my enivronment badly!!

hair moves in washer after load is done, cotton balls anhiny think hair in lint compartment pluck hair with tweezers from anywhere on body and it moves for several minutes, hair weaves itself into clothes, couch, towels everything black hair is bent tied in knots and some will fall off on my shoulders that are 16 inches long and my hair is only 1 inch long comes out realy kinky and long I'm so depressed can't go out, have to eat with bonnet and gloves and plate away from me because it gets worse when I eat or drink and falls into it. have white things floating and moving around in midair in the room I'm in.this is devasting, horrifying and I can't keep taking it! It has taken my life from me and I see no cure coming nor any doctors trying to help me, I have just about had it now! I can't see my adult children or grandchildren everyone is afraid of me, I've lost my life with my husband of 26 years, I can't get a diagnoses to get any benefits and I'm going to be homeless in just about a month or two from now I have 3 dogs and they all have it now they too are suffering.

It might have started when my pet rabbit jumped onto my bed and I started to get bugs which chewed the heck out of me. (1.5 years ago) Now I am in San Diego and miniscule bugs are attacking me and driving themselves right into my skin. Several bugs you cannot eed at once in 2 places. Scary and insane. My rabbit got super sick and has head tilt this problem is rampant here with pet rabbits. It never used to occur and the vet said it is happening alot here in San Diego. Also the fleas, ticks and mites are now so resiliant that regular topical products used on pets are no longer working. I also have always had phenomenal health but this crap they put in chemtrails destroys the adrenal system. That is abnormal for me, I am sure it is the barium, alumium etc. How can I heal this? the hormone and so forth were worthless. Thank you for your work it is brilliant and compassionate, What a gem you are, especially considering these dark times we are living in!! God Bless.

Rashy face n fincreasingly itchy as well. Finding mites larvae stringy things lil flies black specks a wk now. Head face was rashy perm cream helpd . Getting worse again. Chest pains at times, asthmatic,bad seasonal allergies, abnormal menstruation 4-5 mos now. Was heavy now only dark spotng day or 2. Herpes, hadn't been active. Suspected uti. Edema lower limbs. Weird feeling swelling/ pressure aroundpreviously unrelated scab, skin under turned color after a concoction bath soap. Norml color agn. Various punk bupms. No major scabs been trying not itch, and keep picking nits off. Skin tougher thicker in places. MAJOR DEPRESSION ANXIETY DEVASTATION HOPELESSNESS NOW DROWSY HALF THE TIME. THIS TOOK HOURS TO KEY IN KEEP DOSING OFF. KNEES n feet rough n crusty and im freezineg lately also hands got numb a lot 2day. 3 yr old. Chronic cough, had fever 103.2 F not long ago. Daycare noticed when he fell asleep on slide!!!! Were both very pale. He still wants to play play play but gets tired quick. Misbehaving a lil and trying not to listen, getn agitated quick wanting more play n attn. Appetite existing not always strong. Itchy privates n backside, eyes nose. Red spots on face tho perm applied on him last nite. Skin tougher in places. Teeth discolor.

Pimply bumpy spot heel of hand. Puffy itchy swolll eyes both of us. Dear God we need help and poor mans advice for this. I don't know how long my borderline health can withstand this stress lack of sleep plus the rest. My son doesn't deserve this. If not for him a certain bad thought would get possible sooner. He is 3 has toys allover touching them all n everything!!! I think i was staying ahead. But mites keep showing up aftdr scrubbing and washing all day. I was bad didn't scrub today. Almost paralyzed with fear depression. Im a lil ocd, no right way to clean still mites and i don't have any more gloves. not sure if i can handle raising this beautiful energetic boy of mine and handle thjs as well. 3yr old needs outside time im scared of that bugs seem attracted. Dear god please help us all! (Hope u like details. Hope theyr clear enough:)

I started having red bumps like tiny goose pimples appear in patches on the tops of my hand, sholders, and all over my back. It was itchy and like goose pimples had a crawly tingly sensation. After scrating the area burst into several spead out sores that hurt and itch. I got a cream to stop the itching and I no longer scratched it. When the hydrocortisone cream was applied I saw a lot of tiny black specs appear on the sores and sourounding unbroken skin. Every day I applied to steroid cream the black specs like black sand appeared. Steroid cream thins the skin a lot and allowed the black specs to break though. After a few months my chest was covered in sores. My shoulders and entire back is now covered.

Nothing appears below the waiste and does not affect my legs. Recently I now have them appearing on the back of my neck and also on my head. I have a friend that does DNA lab testing for bacteria, viruses, and parasites. His test was positive from a skin sample that the sores were positive for bacteria that is highly resistant to anti-boitics and also positive for an unknown parasite. Trying to help me to figure this out he tested how the parasite reacted to certain things. Sugar and alchohol seemed to make it thrive. I started my own therapy. About a week ago I started using Collodial Silver 500ppm with 3 tablespoons a day. At the same time I started an antibiotic called SULFAMETHOXAZOLE-TMP DS TABITP (BACTRIM) which is known for killing hard to kill bacterial and certain parasites. To be safe not sorry I also started to take a regular dose of anti-parasitic medication bought online in herbal form. After a week of this my sores are healing and I they are hardly visible any more.

The black specs dont appear now. However, I MUST tell you that on the 5th day of the treatments I felt a wiggly itchy feeling in my nose and dead rice looking worms fell out. Looked like a cooked grain of rich not small and uncooked but regular rice but they color of the critters were light brown/amber in color and barely see through.
Under light and a magnify glass I could see they had an outer shell that was rubbery and scally with round rings from head to toe spaced appart evenly. Inside the rice worm was was looked like intestine. Interesting the intestine looked like a black fiber and also a bunch of black sand like specs could be seen inside it. It also had white silk like thread that grew on its skin. After this for the next few days I woke up in the morning to fund very tiny egg shaped things that were white like a cotton ball but very tine and soft but not squichy appear all over the infected areas of my skin. I dont know if it was eggs or larve.

My opinion is they dont like contaminated food. The silver nano size particles in the blood must be poinsoness to them and they cant digest it or they dont eat blood that is clean or taste bad from collodial silver. The antibiotics helped with the unhealing sores since my skin no doubt was bacteria in it from scratching. The antiparasite mendication probably helped kill the larvea or just helped in general in conjunction with the collodial silver. Also, the antibiotics I took is known to kill hard to kill bacteria and is also prescribed for anti-parasite which is a two in one medication. Now it's been a week and I feel healthier. I have so much energy that I could not sleep for almost two days. Before I was tires all the time and could not get enough sleep. My mood is better and I feel happier and its nice to see this problem healing for once. My head feels less fuzzy and the pain in my joins such as my elbow and hands are improved. Pain is not gone but better than before. I hope this true story helps. I want to help people as well. I hope this information will help you in your quest to fight morgellons

Had the typical bite/sting sensation at onset 4 years ago, then 3 weeks later had the 'scabies' head to toe. Have the white mucous in eyes. Plastic type of worms in nose. Look like seahorses. Sores on trunk of body X4 yrs. Brain fog. Blurred vision comes and goes, every day. Movement of hair for years, but better with dsp cream.
Intestinal and feet very bad last six months. Swelling, cracking redness itching, and fibers (like yarn) comes out of the cracks in the feet when treated with vicks vaporub at bedtime. In the morning I can collect the 'yarn' coming out. Parasite action in bowels. Taken worm medicine, just causes more 'movement' in the bowels.

Main illnesses incude: itching, creepy crawly feeling on my legs (mainly from the knee down), crawling in my eyes and nose and mouth, skin around toenails seems "old", bright white bubbly spit, sensitive teeth, 3 or 4 known lesions on my legs, little fiber like worms under the skin on my arms and legs, shortness of breath and a feeling of suffocation (more apparent at night), numb arms (mainly the right arm), and little white cotton like dots found all over my body. Im also starting to notice I have trouble getting what I want to say out and remembering simple tasks. Im concerned. i went to the doctor and practically had to tell her what I was experiencing and what I wanted tested. It took a while but her only conclusion was a fungal virus. I need help. How do I do this? Is this disease debilitating and how do I know how long I've been harboring the parasites?

I suffer from lesions on my legs and arms and breasts as does my bf. my bf is getting worse and im not.our personality has changed dramatically. I have become angry and suicidal. I dont trust anyone. i think my bf is hiding things from me all the time to the point where i become physically violent with him and he has with me as well. We both have memory problems. he has eye sight problems that are progressing.we both suffer from itching continuoslly all day and night. We both break out in a sweat and its when it isnt even hot out. I have recently been diagnosed with SVT again as it went away 10yrs ago and now am on a beta blocker (atenonol).

My bf and i have been able to use physic abilities recently , like predicting numbers on lottery and scatch and wins or someone calling or showing up. or even feeling like ther is someone in the house at night. I see things way more clearer and hear voices continuously to the point i have to go and search the house. We both dont have
appetites but we do eat and when we do we sometimes feel sick. we both eat alot of sugar. our sores are now producing weird looking little mini scabie like bugs coming out. people think we are crazy and we arent. my bf has becomone very absent minded and very rude to me at times. he is clumsy and so am i. i have sores on my head that really hurt so i try not to touch them. my sores did go away for a while but now they are back so all in all i think the antibiotic did work to a point.

Started after I moved into a New house in the Country in Oregon. I began tching, then lost 30 lbs. I had a fever for almost 30 days. Pulled fibers out of chin. Body always has goose bumps. Feel achy all over now. Lumps on throat, mucous,blood and wormy, bugs in stool. Major mood swings and anger, mostly for not getting the right help. I have lost everything besides my husband and children "Thank God". I have a St.Benard who I think also has this. To others who have this, don't give up, try not to get angry. Try to hold on to anyone you love and loves you. Dig deep and let's beat this together. there is power in Unity and positive energy.

The burning, stinging feelings,along with feeling like my body is somehow magnetic. I feel like I am about to the end of my rope. I have a very active 2 year old son which I have not been able to care for in the past week. I also have my 14 1/2 year old lab whose health is deteriating which stresses me out even more! I am about to the end of my ability to cope.

I have fibers, plastic-like hairs, brain fog, itching, biting, crawling bugs on skin, I can pick them off my skin, sleepless nights, skin feel dirty even though I bathe until skin is red....when I get out I wipe and there's still dirt...gees, they are in my hair, scalp, ears, face, eyebrows, lips, neck...they are in my rectum and vag. Horrible...disgusted and alone. Stay in my room all day and night..leave only for doctor and dentist..they are in my mouth, gums...yuck. I have joint swelling, have rapid heart beat now and very high blood pressure. Family doesn't help at all...they don't even want me to talk about it. I no longer feel loved or cared about. Doctors don't help much....they have no clue either...I probably know much more. Thanks for caring

From the beginning in order - Sleepless, Uneasy, Long white fibers coming out of skin with lotion application, biting (Collembola, and possibly carpet beetles), abnormal bowel movements - diarrhea, large floating segments of parasite, lots of small white worms EVERYWHERE, sharp isolated pains throughout body, numbness in leg and feet, extreme fatigue, zombie or brain fog, unable to focus, think or feel normal, crawling and biting all the time, gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, feel parasites in heart brain, other organs, organs feel like mush, all go to one side if I lie on side.

difficulty to walk now, but slowly recovering, hair on head has been completed replaced with foreign hair, white grains of salt and every sort of odd thing coming from the skin; blue, black, white, red fibers, small black specs, round black specs, small white blobs, white round worms, white filarial worms, cotton ball substance emerge when sprayed bleach on an itch, pimples over various parts of body when I have NEVER had pimples, small sores, headaches, neurological problems, some brain damage from parasites going to brain while in bath waters which irritate them, shortness of breath, cough, problems with eyesight and hearing, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, chronic fatigue, infections in kidneys, lungs, vaginal and rectum area, and problems with large intestine.

I have no life any more.I spent my savings on doctors that would not treat me,they treated me like I was crazy.I have lost all my friends and I stay away from my son in fear that I will give him this nightmare disease.I cant work.I lost my house and I know that this will kill me.I dont sleep,stinging,crawlling on skin. I cant think, brain fogg, chronic fatigue, sores that dont heal,scarrs,blood vessles that show on skin,high blood pressure,stomach cramps,pain crawling in ears, pain, teeth rottening, trouble swallowin