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Microscope Images Gallery

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Biofilm Mikroscope Images 1

Morgellons Biofilme

These objects are made from dried biofilm from which even small filaments grow out.

Morgellons Biofilm Bilder

Acid-resistant biofilm with short outgrowing filaments (streamers)

Morgellons biofilmbilder

On the left picture you can see a blue biofilm mass and a blue produced filament.

In the middle, the same process with red fibers and in the right image you can see a white filament.

Depending on the UV-radiation, different colors are produced (
melanin-related color production)


Filaments (streamers) that grow out of a circular, dried biofilm


All these small holes have been created by outgrowing filaments breaking through the dry biofilm mass


Close-up of biofilm extensions (streamers) that grow out of the old biofilm mass


Bacterial biofilms that produce circles or coil shapes are scientifically well known


Microscope Images Gallery

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