If you think that you might have contracted Morgellons, if black specks, fibers and pustules appear on your skin, and if
you are inclined to be a masochist, then first you may visit a dermatologist. If you don`t want to waste your time, instead
consult a good physician or a infectious disease specialist and get different lab tests, doing a extented bacterial screening.
Please, never talk about Morgellons! Physicians cannot and will not help you with it, anyway!

Marc Neumann (M-R-O - 2007)

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Possible treatments after lab tests

Standard treatments Additional treatments

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There are three major categories of regular therapy for treatments of Morgellons. All of these must be addressed and treated, simultaneously, for a prolonged time period in order for there to be a good remission from this illness. This can take 6 - 12 months, up to your grade of infestation, time, money and used treatments.

The three areas of regular therapy treatments are:

1) Internal Medications, such as antibiotics, in case also anti-fungals, anti-virals (virus-statica), anti-parasitics, (either oral or injectable,) probiotics, enzymes, herbal medications, detoxification treatments, immune boosters, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormonal balance, stress mitigating and anti-aging products. Less carbohydrates, coffee, table salt and sugar could also be considered a subsection of this category of internal treatment.

2) Topical Treatments, such as antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic or herbal soaps and enzymes.

3) Environmental Cleansing Treatments, such as special anti-germal laundry products, household cleaners and methods of vacuuming and treatment of mattresses, pillows, bedding or car interior.

All of these areas need to be treated since this is a systemic, multi parasitic-type illness, which sheds new fibers or spores that can cause re-infection from YOUR skin and into your environment or vice versa.

Weird theories and treatments (2010):

There are so many theories and treatment conceptions out there, about what Morgellons might be, and how to deal with this condition in the best way. Not one of these individuals or research groups take any responsibility for their assumptions based mainly on very subjective, single made experiences. They do not use an open objectivism based also on other sufferer's experiences.

Many of these theories are the main cause of suicides, mistreatments and total chaos among many afflicted people! Also, because these theories are leading many into thinking that this disease is just a superficial skin disease, perhaps an allergical reaction, and never ever a systemic condition. Time will show! They will change their opinion later when all the internal issues start to present themselves.

Some groups, foundations or physicians claim, that Morgellons is only related to Lyme disease and/or some coinfection, and they state that it`s not even contagious. As treatment they give only antibiotics, and also the harmful Ivermectin is most prescribed, which temporarily (3 days) keep all symptoms down. What they should all be made aware of is that the moment sufferers have stopped taking Ivermectin, all the symptoms came back, like with psychodrugs too! They also ignore all of the facts about the environmental issues, which have caused the first infection and a constant reinfection later.

With such quite irresponsable measures and statements, some or all the rest of the family, relatives, or friends might be infected too, and this fact is also ignored from the CDC! Almost all who did follow such ideas and treatments never got better significantly. If Morgellons is not contagious, may I ask them then, why so many people contract it simply by skin contact? In the meantime, there's even a worldwide pandemic going on. Silly thoughts from simply minds? I don`t know, but by ignoring completely other experiences made from the majority of the sufferers, they will not come further and will be losing their credibility sooner or later!

Not much better, is the idea that all is just related only to a fungal infection and all of the appearing symptoms are not even related to Lyme disease or similar bacterial infection, and they take only anti-fungals. Other groups claim that Morgellons is caused from a bird mite, collembola or even ants and those are taking or recommending only enzyme sprays or anti-parasitic treatments, which may even work on different parasites or pathogens. This claim is made with having no real evidence or even pictures made from bird mites or collembola etc. on the skin. Surely, all kinds of arthropods or insects can serve as carrier for many pathogens or Morgellons fibers and its bacteria, but they are not the cause of Morgellons.

The culmination of all might be, that a certain obscure Lady (H. Staninger) with a long criminal record claims that it can be only coming from Mars spores, self-assembling plastic fabrics, robots and nano-technology, and of course based on these farfetched theories, antibiotics and other remedies may not work therefore and they should not be used! She only recommends her costly infra-red cabins! This is just disgusting and totally irresponsible!

And last but not least, the well known Chemtrail dude (C. Carnicom) with bad quality pictures, but with very scientifically expressed articles, claims that red blood cells etc. are infected only from Morgellons instead of looking at other bacteria. He concludes with the theory that Chemtrailing is a man-made genocide and the cause of a quicker and quite sure death. Many thanks for such wisdom! With such weird stories without any proof, you may have ONLY the chance to commit suicide then, if you believe in such unprofessional statements!

Most don`t know that there are many people which suffer for 30-35 years from Morgellons and they are still alive. Anyway, great scientific work from a Chemtrails activist, who now talks about Morgellons, only to get more attention for his own cause, instrumentalizing it by forcing the idea that Chemtrails are the main cause of Morgellons disease. And what about colored micro-fibers, or different bacterial infection - does this come from barium or aluminum particles and big white spiderwebs sprayed out from the jets?

Also, there might be such genocide programs running, but surely not by costly and eye-catching Chemtrails, which serves mainly against global warming. It`s bad, but they won`t tell you how much. What kind of low-quality pathogens may they use then? If they need to spray them over us day after day, year after year, creating even artificial clouds, this is for what, to kill us and also their own families etc. softly in slow motion?  

Many of these illogical theories reminds me rather of small brains, and of misleaded sect leaders and their end-of-the-world statements, and are not seriously thinking or responsible acting people. Rather they are people who are not really helping others, but only supporting their own egocentric and ambitious goals to get more reputation and fame, and mainly having dedicated efforts to make big money out of all (including Dr. Stricker)!

Keep in mind the enormous amounts that are suffering, with so many suicide cases of Morgellons afflicted, do we really need such weird theories without significant proof? This lack of proof and other circumstances are the main reason why physicians and others don't want to listen and help Morgellons sufferers. What would you do as a physician, after reading all that crap on the Internet?

Note: When we talk about Morgellons disease, we are not talking about primary or secondary infestations caused from Lyme disease or springtails, centipedes, flies, worms, scabies, bird mites or even ants etc., but only about small  bacterial micro-filaments which appear on the skin.

I don`t claim to be better or perfect at all, but I try to always remain on solid ground with my science based information, where I try to show a more accurate and objective picture of all. My information is not based only on my own private experiences, but also on statistical data and facts gathered from physicians and scientific articles  and many afflicted individuals (15,000) all over the world, who contacted me in the last 15 years.

Based on all these individual experiences, I can only say that the common denominator of Morgellons sufferers might be unusual multiresistant bacterial infections (no typical pathogens), what many suffer from, and there is no magic silver bullet to get healthy in 2 weeks, but there a various remedies which can help you to improve slowly more and more over time.

Three stages of infection and improvements (2008):

There are usually three infection stages or improvements from Morgellons protoplasm and its fibrous material.

First and worst stage after initial infection: up to 12 months black specks (colored filaments bundles) and various hyaline fibers appear constantly on the skin coming out from the skin pores.

Second stage: up to 6-12 months only sporadically black or white fibers, pustules or bumps appear.

Third stage: after 18-24 months no more black but glassy or colored fibers appear, but new reinfection of the skin from environment can happen.

I was in the third stage after 12-14 months, because I wasted too much time in the first six months with dermatologists and physicians who could not help me further. So I started my own investigations on treatments as many other sufferers did. It is always possible to reach the 3th stage sooner or later, but it is more difficult if you have no money and no clue about how to start first to cope with this disease among thousands of different information. Note: there is no 5 dollar cure to treat such a dangerous infectious disease at your own, you may need a good physician, too!

This treatment overview, report, or protocol should just be a helpful guidline, but no strict advice or final cure, as long the evironment is contaminated with many fibers. It can start all again, but never as it was in the beginning. After the initial nightmare, you will know how to handle it and how to keep the reinfection rate low. Myself and many others did enter unfamiliar territory regarding new treatments for a completely new disease, and I must say, that many have found good remedies in their desperations. Temporary improvements by using Colloidal Silver, MMS and Ozone treatments are no cure but on longterm usage even dangerous. I don`t blame anybody using those remedies, if antibiotics etc. can not be prescribed or if they don`t work  anymore. What we need are new effective drugs brought on the market by pharma industry or else!

Therefore I would say, never give up the hope, because mankind will always find a way to survive somehow, no matter what kind of bugs (natural or man-made) are bothering them!

Some important questions concerning this illness are:

To be or not to be, that is the question....

Why do some family members or partners not contract this illness, whereas sometimes whole families are infected? Why is such parasitic organism once getting in contact with any host, not infecting all?

Many people may carry the fibers/filaments which lives, at first, unnoticed in or on the body, similar to herpes, mycoplasma, fungi, tuberculosis and other opportunistic micro organisms. Only when certain factors are in place, do the typical disease symptoms become noticeable. The bug always adjust to the current body chemistry, which the respective host puts at the disposal of the bug.

If a person is generally healthyand strong, then, possibly not much happens at first, and a weak or compromised immune system contributes, partly, to manifestation of the illness, but it is not the sole reason. If one is weakened, however, by permanent stress, as dramatic life-experiences, surgery trauma, bulemia, chemicals or an illness, then this may cause on long term an hyperactive immune system and later an adrenal exhaustment. These hormonal disorders might be one of the main reasons to trigger this bug to get active too!

My age infection statistics showed obviously, that most sufferers (62% female) contracted Morgellons disease around the age of 45-55. A lower immune system and changed hormonal level due to stress, menopause/andropause or other hormonal disorders is common when growing older, and it shows clearly that there is also a hormonal connection to acquire faster or to promote Morgellons disease. The same hormonal issues are related to autoimmune diseases, whereby mainly more women are affected by them rather than men.

Common symptoms:

A lack of vitamin B12, iron, vitamin D, folic acid, and red blood cells may be common among afflicted, and as consequence most sufferers are anemic and they may have a short breath too, due to the reduction of red blood cells which transport the oxygen, actually. Using oxygen capsuls may not help much in this case if the oxygen cannot be transported!

This means in general, that one may have not only problems with brain fog and a healthy sleep, but also all the other physical or mental problems which comes along due to reduced oxygen delivery.

Many afflicted have also a certain dysfunction/disorder of the hypothalamus/pituary gland corticoid system, which triggers the adrenal glands and the sexual and stress hormones too, and many times are thyroid dysfunction present too.

Some suggestions:

Try first natural remedies to balance the hormonal system with e.g. st. john`s wort, black cohosh, maca powder, rosemary, soy bean, amino acids and so on, and visit an endocrinologist!

The usual and an easy way to build up the immune system and hormonal level is to take vitamins, proteins and minerals as vitamin C (500-1000%), vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium in a higher dosage (300-400 %), and certainly also all B-Vitamins (200-300 %). Anyway, one should not take higher vitamin dosages for more than a couple of weeks. Check this out with your physician...

Furthermore also needed is a regular dosage of vitamin A or beta-carotin, vitamin D and E, co-enzyme Q10, glutathion, selenium, arginine, carnitin, folic acid, lecithine, acetyl-cysteine, colostrum (lactoferrin) and as well various digestive enzymes might be very helpful to see improvements in fighting this condition.

And last but not least, try to reduce stress and try to relax your nerves perhaps with valerian, st. john`s wort, passion flower, lavender, phellodendron and magnolia products etc., or with natural lithium mineral salt or gaba or inositol for a better sleep.                                             

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We can`t make any warranties or guarantees about any medical advice or effectiveness or treatment suggestions posted on our site. The use of any treatments is absolutely left to the individual. We can only recommends you to consult always first your health care professional before using any medication or treatment; only you and your medical care provider know your own individual medical issues. Please ask for further questions always your internist!

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