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Biofilm Treatment Protocol

This page is currently being updated and will be asap completed with a new protocol!

What should you do if you have realized that you have a infection
with filamentous biofilm bacteria (FBB) aka Morgellons?

If you think that you might have contracted FBB, if black specks, fibers and pustules appear on your skin, and if you are inclined to be a masochist, then first you may visit a dermatologist.
In any case, do not consult a dermatologist alone, but an infection specialist and other specialists and then carry out certain laboratory tests (see under Diagnosis), as this is a systemic disease and not a skin disease!

Antibiotics are indexed and helpful, but you can only reach a few bacteria, because most of them protect themselves against Antibiotics inside the biofilm
. Please, never talk about Morgellons! Physicians cannot and will not help you with it, anyway! 

Helpful remedies were however unanimous, stress-reducing agents, anti-mast cell activation, anti-histamine, DAO, natural cures, hormone treatments stress axis, antiseptics, disinfectant sprays, antibacterial creams such as Tyrosur wound healing gel, as well as lots of soap (saponins) for washing off the sticky biofilm filaments. To build up Gi-Tract you may use the new probiotic bacteria called Bacillus subtilis strain DSM 21097.

Meanwhile, you can download this older protocol from Cheryl Nichols and Prof. Garth Nicolson.



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