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Biofilm Krankheitsbilder 2

morgellons hautsymptome genitalien1

These pictures of infested male genitals were sent to me by a German affected

Left image: Filaments that grow out of the urethra. Right image as negative view

All kinds of colorful filaments can be found on the genitals

morgellons hautsymptome genitalien

Glassy white and black biofilm filaments in the genital area

Some of these filaments are also intertwined with the skin surface

Morgellons ExzemMorgellonsallergie

Topical eczema that resembles an atopic (allergic) contact eczema. The skin reacts

hyperallergic (eosinophilic inflammatory reaction) to the proteolytic, bacterial enzymes.

It starts with a small affected skin area (exanthema) that spreads all over the body

morgellons hautsymptome

External pressure on the skin and lymphatic system due to lateral sleep position worsens the skin symptoms

Disease Images Gallery

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