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Biofilm Mikroscope Images 3

morgellons biofilme

Accumulation of tiny biofilm filaments that can create unreal structures.

Previously, these white filaments (streamers) grew out of a black filament (wildlife form)

morgellons gmo worm caterpillar

Rhizobium radiobacter filament bundle surrounded by slimy biofilm

morgellons gmo bug millepedes

Filament bundles that become brownish after a long period of time under oxygen exposure

morgellons gmo millepedes worm

All these elongated streamer forms (1 - 4), also called ,

emerged from one single black filament (wildlife form).

It is interesting that they all have different colored bodies; Blue, Pink, Purple and Orange.

The diameter of this object bundle was about 1 mm.

morgellons worm caterpillar

These elongated biofilm filaments (length 1-2 mm) are also often found on sufferers.

No wonder, that most sufferers claim that they look like tiny worms, but they are not!

morgellons worm caterpillar gmo

Microscope Images Gallery

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