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Information on the newest Lyme + EBV/Borna/Cytomegalo Virus Test (2008)

"T-Cellspot" (Elispot Assay)

I had for a long time always negative results with usual blood tests based on anti-body detection etc. Only this T-Cell spot test was for the very first time finally positive for Lyme disease. This new and highly sensitive immunological Elispot Test (Enzymes Linked Immunospot Assay) offers the possibility to detect the release of the cell messenger materials (cytokines) after a specific antigene contact to e.g. Borrelia bacteria or to other pathogens as well. Thereby a Borrelia infection can be already reliably diagnosed even in the early phase of an infection.

Indication of Borrelia specific Elispot Assay Test

Elispot Assay for the early recognition (after 2-3 weeks) of a Borrelia infection.

On suspicion of a fresh or older infection with former unclear serology.

Differentiation between chronic or completely healed infection.

Therapy control after usual medical treatments.

The Elispot is 20- 200 time more sensitive than an ELISA test. Even one single cell among

100,000 reactive cells are detectable. As well in contrary to the LTT- Melisa® test

a direct proof of the antigene-specific cytokines release is possible.

Elispot Price: 109 Euro = approx. $160 Dollar


The Elispot Assay is based on the proof of an antigene-specific cytokines-secretion by reactive lymphocytes. T-Lymphocytes are stimulated by an interesting antigene, e.g. by Borrelia species. If this leads to a antigene-specific release of cytokines, these are bound by monoclonal anti-bodies, which covers irreversibly the ground of the reaction container with spots and these are made visible by a further secondary anti-body.

The number and intensity of developing spots is a measure for the reactivity of the lymphocytes and permits a statement about, if the examined T-Lymphocytes had become already in contact with the interesting antigene.

In the early phase of a Borrelia infection, often over several weeks, still none or too small anti-body concentrations are present, in order to furnish a safe serological proof. The Borrelia specific Elispot fills out this diagnostic gap. Thereby is the interferon gamma release of the T-Lymphocytes measured which had contact to Borrelia antigenes.

Such antigene-dependent lymphocyte activation is often clearly present before a measurable rise of the anti-body titers. The test principle is such sensitive, that just one individual reactive Borrelia cell is already provable. Therefore, in addition of usual serology, does the Elispot test supply important additional information in the evaluation of an early Borrelia infection. Also to check a therapy process, the Borrelia specific Elispot is suitable.

After an effective e.g antibiotic treatment and the elimination of the pathogens, the measurable lymphocyte answer becomes predominantly negative approx. 4-6 weeks after therapy. The Elispot result informs therefore about the effectiveness of an antibiotic therapy and the duration of a further treatment.

Negative control (left) does not show provable cytokines production with unstimulated lymphocytes


Each spot stands for one specifically reactive lymphocyte

The positive result (right) shows the specific cytokines production after an antigene contact, visibile as numerous spots.

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