Delusional parasitosis

vs. real illness...

Dermatologist`s delight!

"Don`t see, hear or talk about crawling sensations, or very INTELLIGENT doctors will declair you right away nuts!!"

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If you are too loud, they are coming to take you away, hihi, haha, huhu...Why? For one very good reason, and one reason only: Psychiatrists operate above the law. They can detain ANYONE AT ANY TIME AND FOR NO MORE REASON THAN THEIR STATED OPINION THAT THE PERSON MAY BE A DANGER TO THEMSELVES OR TO OTHERS.

The term "Delusional parasitosis" was characterised 1938 by Karl Eckbom. At this time, the knowledge about certain parasitic micro-organisms was not great. Karl was surely very wrong with his theory. Actually, this term should be completely removed from human medicine dictionary.

Also the American Medical Association has "somehow" taken this notion. Because the concept, in principle, makes only the conscience of the doctors easier, instead to abide the Hippocratic oath.

In these days and times we are finding, that many dermatologists or physicians in searching for an answer, readily appoint themselves in promoting rather mental causes, instead finding the real cause of an illness. Also, because they having no virtual experience along with a lack of knowledge with rare or new diseases and thereby no common denominator (conclusion) can be found.

If even after serology and few microscopic investigations they can`t find anything concrete and further investigations yield to no outcome, they must rely on the basis of the present symptomatology coming to logical conclusions. These doctors are then left to the task of considering the possible remaining cause.

In search for answers any human would react in exactly the same way if the usual means and investigations did not obtain anticipated improvement. But at this point, physicians, from their logic, only have two remaining options: The first would be, that it is not any parasitic infestation but possibly another still unknown reason which caused the skin symptoms (20%).

And the second option (according to the medieval medical manual) is the physician comes to the perverted conclusion (80%) that the patient has "Delusional Parasitosis"; in other words imagination of parasites. When a physician tells his patient he is DOP, it is very painful because to the patient it is real and not imagined. They should rather do specific tests on rare fungi and believe more their patients instead declairing them nuts!!

Most patients did visit then in this case other physicians, but it doesn`t matter, the first physician’s permanent records reflect the initial symptom of DOP and the records are probably reflected on his health insurance chip smart card too. This symptom documented by the initial doctor will follow the patient to the next doctor he visit’s. It`s anyway like a brand mark...

Ultimately, this first possible incorrect diagnosis would be consistently carried on down the line so the patient will always be labeled DOP based on what their previous doctor initially diagnosed them. They cannot rid themselves of the label of DOP. The new doctor rarely questions the statements of the former colleague. This may have negative effects for the patient as he/she must suffer the presumption and arrogance of the medical profession too.

These physicians do not know what suffering they have created by the patient they promised and took an oath to care for. Taking into consideration the fact that physicians are being stressed and over-taxed while at the same time must run from one patient to another. Also take into consideration the risk of becoming infected by one’s patients thereby and that a problematic case would have somewhat more expenditure necessarily it doubly difficult for both.

The ultimate question is who should help everyone concerned?? Surely the physicians but whom else? One must realize that physicians can make some errors in doing their daily jobs (service of mankind) which are never admitted. For patients there is no where to turn for help and comfort or to convince still better the physician by its illness. Many patients turn to the internet for doctor referrals concerning Morgellon’s. One patient paid $300 for a name of only one skin physician in the whole country who diagnosed him correctly.

One recognize here the deficit of skin physicians with non-endemic or rare systemic mycosis and Lyme disease and the helplessness of the patients. It is very important to the patient to have their illness verified on paper as "Lyme" etc. so they can live their life without the label of DOP and getting also regolary medical support. If not it turns into a bureaucratic situation for the patient. Or the patient is really sick or perhaps not, but being between of it, it`s a quite impossible life situation. Additionally, one must fight for the acknowledgment of their illness. That is the goal for anyone with this disease.

Despite everything and not giving up quickly, one tries further with ineffective means to fight against these ‘new’ and ‘persistent’ parasites in hope to lead a normal life again, which requires enormous patience and will power as well as understanding unlike their physician. Sadly in the journey of seeking help many give up and do not visit their physicians anymore.

Patients do not expect their doctors to conduct their intake diagnosis like Robert Koch, Pasteur or Marie Curie (researchers), but they do expect a little bit more assistance. They ask "well should I go to a Orthopedist or to the Proctologist? Isn’t this a skin problem too? In this case shouldn’t a physician be responsible in referring them to the correct doctor and not just labeling them DOP??" The doctor should give more efforts to his patient even if he is not a chemist or parasitologist, otherwise they should change profession and not claiming anymore to be still a DOCTOR!!!

Just because he doesn’t understand the problem doesn’t mean it is non existent and so he labels the patient DOP or drug-dependent. The doctor must not jump to conclusions where difficult patients are concerned that they are automatically a simulator or a chronic drug-dependent. In all due respects to doctors, no human can know everything.

Due to the helplessness of the patient and the ignorance of the medical community and science, many, many cases of suicide due to Morgellon’s have occurred in the USA and in other countries worldwide. These suicides are a confirmation of their helplessness and the medical ignorance. People ask ‘how does this happen?"

First, because the doctor prescribes many different drugs and wrong treatments (Lindane, Peremethrin) and none of them brought any success to their patients. Secondly, because, 8 of 10 are then mostly dismissed with (delusional parasitosis) DOP. The two remaining patients are misinterpreted mostly with herpes HPV, acne, rosacea symptoms etc.

After using unsuccessful drug administration combined with the fact that the physician has no clue as to what infection they have, they are just labeled with DOP. Especially when the patient brings them their assumed parasites in a box. In this case any physician will call this then "the match-box syndrome." In both situations the doctors don`t care further more, which is then also a huge demoralization for their helpless patients.

The patient continues to suffer and experience extreme fatigue with this still unidentified illness. The pain and suffering is indescribable. Left alone by the medical community and society too, many lonely sufferers have then committed suicide after many months or years, recognizing, that they get no real or no more help from doctors or authorities!!

The newly infected persons know after a certain time that this become without any illusion to a chronic illness. This infection for them influences their lives in a dramatic way as they become more and more helpless to live their lives as they did. Since now they had no chance of real healing. Also these patients of the previous years which have been diagnosed with "Scabies" (which is b.s.) all medications did not resolve or cure the infection.

These cases does not only drives the health insurance companys gradually into total confusion and frustration because of costs senselessly used from ineffective medicine expenses, but also the patients which spend all their private money too.

Many physicians come also to another abnormal conclusion: if all biocides (drugs), even the most highly effective fail, then the illness would be extended due to unhygienic living conditions (1-20 years?). Are all sufferers living under bridges?

Recognizing that this is not a parasite as scabies (but perhaps another still unknown parasite), this unfortunately the physican’s do not analyze because they have "MIBF illness" (medical ignorance brain fog). Ignoring also that other family members and pets as well can be infected. They call it then "mass or self-inducted delusional parasitosis." How does this work with babies, dogs, cats or hamsters? Do they have the mind to recognize or imagining parasites??

Most physician’s conclusion is a wrong diagnosis and wrong medications which happens daily. This wrong diagnosis is happening in many doctors’ offices and not just a selected few; but this does quite certainly not interesting the maggiority of physicians, this is the dilemma. But there are still good doctors on the frontline which are doing a good job, but they are hard to find in these days.

Psychologists publicize and encourage-invite physicians to take more training courses in this field ("Delusional Parasitosis"). Many physicians have complications with patients and more as of late, the physician’s put forward ever more the psyche as causes for diseases and they are referring their patients to psychologists because of a wrong diagnosis.

Which partly also applies with skin diseases caused by the mind, but it can be also the opposite of it, that it is a real skin illness not caused by the psyche, but the patients psyche is gradually damaged because the skin illness is extremely depressing. Ultimately the skin illness comes first, and depression is the result of the skin illness.

The human mind is more affected by skin diseases because the skin is the biggest organ. The patient and his/her mind becomes sick and appears to be mentally hyperactive and extroverted in many ways. All minds are affected, the good and the bad. For shy ones such a mind push may be good but especially with "Morgies", the Morgellons sufferers, the same excited mind will be also more suspicious on everything and everyone, more worse in each situation. Yes, also a psychotic behavior is noticeable later due to Lyme and all the stress with the medical community.

Yes, this is a normal mental behavior in such extreme situation and not a mental disease or else. The patient cries out helpless and hopelessly "No one understands this disease, please someone help me, please…!!"

A physician should be able to differentiate on the basis of his knowledge of human nature and by what means a patient gets well, but some diagnoses DOP quicker than the patient wants it, which is common for many with this infection and this adds to the patients depression.

According to psychological realizations DOP applies to approximately 7 persons out of 10,000. Statistics in a specialized clinic declares that approximately 6 exist, in fewer than 1 million inhabitants, which has a real delusional parasitosis.

Physicians gladly, too often, handle lapidary. Some mentally sick patients perhaps really do suffer from hallucinations and drug symptoms due to cocaine use (according to Dr. Faust). These patients do see parasites or bugs on and under the skin with a feeling of crawling. Some psychologists even publicize that this is the most common reason and the dark number is much higher.

Psychologists should rather work on other brain diseases since there are approximately 4 billion parasite infested humans which are all having DOP symptoms!! There are quite a few parasites and particullary rare fungi which are unable to diagnose and without clear clinical findings. For the infected ones they are subjectively noticeable.

The problem for the medical professionals is that they have in principle absolutely no notion, as well the creator of the Delusional parasitosis (Karl Ekbom 1938), what damage a parasite can cause to the body. (See "Statistics" and table of Institute of infections). Unfortunaly did Karl Ekbom never knew what extreme suffering he has caused with his DOP theory among real sick patients. Because at his time the investigations on micro-organims were just started. Today we know more about, but this almost 100 year old DOP theory is still present and used, instead being removed.

Not to be repetitive and critical also against psychologists but probably rather the statement applies, one person in 100,000 or under 1 million persons suffer (labeled) from DOP. Because most citizens are not drug-addicted and follow a regulated program. One must ask how psychologists came to this conclusion. By self-attempts? Most likely they do suffer from a ‘statistical maniacism".

Many other physicians also have maniac illusion conceptions and one of it would be their "presumption illusion". They do not believe the patient anymore nor take him seriously and secretly they may think; all gents which do not have a doctor title are probably secretly minor and stupid. Are there not even many alcohol or else addicted among the physicians too?

If scientists knows already and would judge better the impact of drugs from long-term studies they would find discrepancies coming up regarding the mentioned symptomatology etc. For instance it is correct that hallucinations can develop after Intake of e.g. LSD (horror trip) where the general mental constitution of the taker plays mostly a role.

One can get hallucinations with almost all drugs. The following examples are to clarify the impact of various drugs clearer in order to draw possible correct conclusions with drugs in connection with delusional parasitosis. It is also well known that with an excessive drug use one can affect themselves negatively. In small quantities the drug can react favorable but by overdosing it can become poison even if it`s legal.

Cocaine: Increased euphoria and increase of egoistic feeling. It is switching certain feeling ranges off in the brain (sympathy, understanding etc.) anger outbreaks possible, as well as act of violence, lack of responsability, aggressiveness, carelessness, declined personal responsibility, possible depression, no evidence of hallucinations, possibly with cocaine mixtures (crack etc.) sometimes longer continuation of symptoms is possible.

Heroine: Luck feelings, environmental demarcation, switching, closing off carelessness, lack of responsability, itching with heroin withdrawal (monkey), positive and negative hallucinations possible, sometimes longer continuation of symptoms is possible.

LSD: Consciousness-extending, euphoria, luck feelings due to intensive environment impressions (colors, tones etc.), positive and negative hallucinations possible, but symptoms are normally not longer continuing.

Marijuana/Hasch: Consciousness-extending, luck feelings, sociability, general leaving, reassuring down on the nervous system, no act of violence and aggressiveness, generally no hallucinations.

Alcohol: Increased euphoria, lucky feelings, sociability etc., anger outbreaks, act of violence, aggressiveness, blackouts, depressions possible, positive and negative hallucinations possible (white mice, horses, parasites etc.), continuing symptoms with constant excessive consume.

Exctasy: Increased euphoria, luck feelings, sociability, no act of violence and aggressiveness, dangerous chemical cocktail by excessive consuming, serotonin level drop down extremely after drug fading, depressions and aggressiveness thereafter possible.

Last comment

These were some short impacts of commercial drugs. Remarkable thought how legal drugs called alcohol is coming very close to the symptomatology of the delusional parasitosis. Through this realization one can really take the calculation example of the psychologists, that 7 citizens under 10.000 have actually real illusional conceptions.

Of course one can say that some heroin-dependent or homeless person due to their increased drug abuse suffers from some hallucinations etc. But such people suffer less from delusional parasitosis and one rather rarely meets them by a dermatologist.

Since this actually doesn’t matter at all to this fringe group whether they have infections or some pimples and/or whether these are developing from parasites or dirt. Such people have other problems which are to be mastered by daily surviving in the everyday life with or without drugs…

Finally they changed their opinion about "Delusional Parasitosis".  

And this CDC site was changed. No more relations to any parasitic illness and DOP.

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